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Focus Your Dogs Energy

Focus Your Dog

And enjoy time out with your Pooch!

You're both going to the same place so why not work together as a team. You've seen people having their dog pull them on sleds, carts, bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, etc. and wonder at the controllability and the safety of this method, due to fact that the dog is out in front on a line and only under voice command.

The design of this urban musher is different in that the dog is harnessed into the SIDE/REAR of a kick scooter and or recumbent trike (the tadpole design with 2 wheels in front) which has a steering wheel and brakes. The dog follows the rigs thru the turns and is subect to its brakes. This gives the rider the directional and speed control to make "mushing" appropriate on urban/conjested sidewalks, bikepaths and trails and eliminates the extensive dog training needed with traditional dog pulling methods.

The rig allows the dog to get all the exercise they want/need yet keeps him under complete control (the rigging/bar will not let the dog turn his shoulders to the side) even better and easier than a leash.

The location and the way the dog is harnessed into the rig was designed to be neutral to the units handling, and place no weight on the dog, and is very easy to ride by young and old. It requires some skill and offers enough excitement and exercise for the rider (you do need to help the dog up the hills) that its a real sport.

The care of the dog (canine motivation, rider/dog weight ratio limits, hydration, paw inspection, etc.) gives this sport further depth and satisfaction. Most healthy, confident, young and driven dogs get over the "fear" of being next to wheels and restricted side to side movement in one session - but some may be more spooked and take repeated sessions.

This is a relatively quick and strait forward task compared to teaching the voice commands necessary with the dog out in front which even then doesn't compare to the precision steering of this design. The system is vertically adjustible for a range of dogs and a "tall" outrigger is available for the giant breeds. The dog can also sit while hooked into the trike and scooter - or lay down while in the scooter.

Single and double dog units (side by side or both on same side) are available. The single scooter starts at $555 which includes the high quality scooter, outrigger bar & shock absorbing rigging, wheel cover, harness and shipping in the lower 48 U.S.. Information on other units and pricing is available by request.

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