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Beverly, MA (February 24, 2011) . Ever see a child try to resist doodling on a foggy window? Tired of the neighbor's boy spelling "wash me" on the back of your dirty car? How long have you waited for a waitress to bring a blank paper and an unbroken crayon to occupy the kids? Youngsters can.t help it, where there's a free moment, there's a potential doodle. Call them scribbles, sketches or squiggles but there's a simple joy in doodling. Now kids can draw 24/7 without a paper chase with the Doodle Roll, invented by a mom and dad.

Boston-based father and businessman Marc Cooper has been in the paper industry for over 20 years. Together with his wife Diana, they realized the unappreciated art form of doodling needed a new platform. So they rolled out the fun with their three creative kids in mind and launched Doodle Roll, a portable roll-n-go dispenser of blank paper with a tear edge plus a handy crayon storage area.

Stories of doodling are everywhere. Find them on the margins of notebooks and the proverbial paper napkin. Click on the home page of Google and be surprised by their intriguing Google Doodles. It's been said that President Ronald Reagan took great pride in his doodling and once considered a career as a cartoonist.

Retailers have already taken note of this affordable (under $5) and crafty children's product. Learning Express has already placed orders for its Acton, Beverly, Needham and Sudbury, MA shops run by franchisee owner Greg Sahagian.

"It's nice to see new products being developed by local companies that promote creativity and imagination," explained Boston-based Sahagian. "Doodle Roll uses a completely new design and concept than what has traditionally been available for activity and craft kits. The professional, terrific-looking and functional packaging was impressive."

Doodle Roll was designed for children 3 to 8 years old to stimulate creative play anywhere and anytime. The all-in-one kit offers 15. or 30. of rolled paper with 4 or 8 crayons included. The E-Z tear edge makes this the ideal kit to tote in the car, to a restaurant, at the doctor's office or anytime kids can daydream.

What kinds of things do kids doodle on their roll? Perhaps a game of Tic Tac Toe, drawing a favorite animal, practicing their ABCs, performing simple math problems or creating a long banner. Parents love the Doodle Roll as an educational tool (no batteries, beeps or bling needed). The affordable price makes it a great party favor or multi-generational activity with Dad and Grandma.

Doodle Roll 4" All-in-One Craft Kit . $3.99 . Ages 3+
Just 4 inches wide but 15 feet long, the packaging is designed to be easy for kids to open and close, with a finger-hole to make opening the crayon compartment a snap. The 4" roll is the perfect size for smaller hands. The roll curls downward toward the table, a child will not have any trouble with paper curling up while he/she draws. When done doodling, the specially shaped well for each crayon will be a reminder to put them back in.

Doodle Roll 6" All-in-One Craft Kit . $4.99 . Ages 3+
This larger size measures 6 inches wide for bigger hands and rolls out to 30 feet of blank paper. Like its smaller version, each roll comes with two end caps to keep the paper in place until its time to unroll. High quality non-toxic crayons are included with each kit.

With Doodle Roll's Spring 2011 debut, the company expects to see its product on a variety of brick and virtual retailer shelves ranging from school supplies, toys, party supply stores, gift/novelty, stationary, arts/crafts to grocery, drug and big box. The company's vision is for Doodle Roll to be a staple among retailers and families with young children for years to come.

Visit to meet "The Doodles" and for creative doodling ideas, fun games and other Doodle Roll products.

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The Doodle Roll Activity Kit was invented by parents Diana and Marc Cooper. Their vision was to develop a platform that enabled their children and others a way to expand and express their creativity and imagination by providing a way for kids to learn to express their ideas while having fun doing so. With US production capabilities, their goal is to offer safe, useful and fun products made in and environmentally and socially responsible way, that feed every child.s imagination. Just like there is no limit to the fun and imaginative ways to use the Doodle Roll, Diana and Marc never stop thinking of innovative and creative ways to expand the Doodle Roll line of products.

For more information on Doodle Roll and the company, log on their website,