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Slooh Widens View of the Night Sky

Otto, the Night Watchdog for the Milky Way Galaxy leads Slooh members on a series of missions into space. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Introduces Otto The Night Watchdog and Two New Telescopes for Guided 24-Hour Space Viewing Adventures

NEW YORK --(Business Wire)-- Mar 30, 2009 Slooh is well known among astronomy enthusiasts for providing a space camera that offers unprecedented access to real-time views of the ever-changing night sky. Now, the company is unlocking space for those who never dared explore beyond our terrestrial world by introducing Otto, the Night Watchdog for the Milky Way Galaxy as their guide.

“Astronomers and enthusiasts have used our technology for years, but thanks to Otto and our new design, anyone can have a powerful telescope and an expert astronomer available at home whenever they want,” says Michael Paolucci, founder of Slooh. “Otto unveils the space stories and science behind the views that our technology feeds to the world.”

This comes just in time for the 100 Hours of Astronomy, a worldwide event aimed at bringing everyone the same sense of wonderment felt by Galileo when he first looked through a telescope 400 years ago.

Slooh also added two new telescopes to its worldwide network. The new sites in Chile and Australia complement the telescopes that have operated in Europe continuously since 2003. The complete network now offers space enthusiasts 24 hour views of the night sky from their computer screens.

Available online at and retail channels across the country, including, in nearly every Toys“R”Us store, Slooh fulfills the common yearning to see and capture images from space. A true space camera, Slooh and Otto guide users on quests to see and record the best current views of the night sky with tailored missions happening every few hours.

Otto’s night missions such as “Lunar Risings: The Phases of the Moon,” and “Starburst: The Birth, Life & Death of a Star” guide and shape exploration and discovery for kids and parents through telescopes situated at some of the world’s finest observatories. These missions use the same high-caliber images and patented technologies that have made Slooh critical to astronomical discovery.

Pricing and Availability

Slooh adventures are available for as little as $14.99 for 150 minutes of missions with each mission lasting about five minutes. Mission books can be found at Toys R Us stores or online at

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About Slooh
In December 2003, Slooh launched the first space camera available to the public. Slooh has served more than 300,000 missions to members from 70 countries who have taken more than 1.1 million photographs to date. Slooh’s patented instant imaging technology makes celestial objects appear like Polaroids over the course of five minute missions. Slooh pictures have resulted in community-wide participation in several discoveries, including co-authorship with leading universities, including Cal Tech, of research regarding a recent supernova discovery.