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Screen-Free Week -  Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood

Screen-Free Week is April 18-24, 2011! What are you doing?

Kids, families, schools, and communities pledge to turn off screens and turn on life.

Children are spending way too much time with screens - and it's not good for them. That's why more than 60 leading health, education, and childcare organizations actively support this year's Screen-Free Week (April 18-24, 2011), the annual celebration where children, families, schools and communities turn off screens and turn on life.

"The wide-ranging support for Screen-Free Week reflects the growing national consensus that kids spend too much time with television, video games, and computers," said Dr. Susan Linn, director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, the official home of Screen-Free Week.

Endorsers for Screen-Free Week (formerly TV Turnoff) include the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, the American Public Health Association, the National Head Start Association, KaBOOM!, the US Play Coalition, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center to Prevent Childhood Obesity, and the Parent Teacher Associations of Massachusetts, Michigan, Florida, and Missouri.

As part of Screen-Free Week why not reach for classic toys like building blocks and construction sets, which encourage development of motor and problem solving skills. Or maybe they'll opt for imaginative play time with dress-up outfits and theatre kits, which encourage creativity and build confidence. If the weather's nice, active toys and games are a great way to get kids outside instead of stuck in front of the TV.

Below are some screen, battery, and tech-free toys that will entertain kids throughout Screen-Free Week (April 18-24) and well beyond:

  • Aeromax's Get Real Gear Dress Up Gear Dress up as a fairy princess, or go undercover as a secret agent. It's up to a child's imagination!

  • CitiBlocs Eco-Friendly Building PlanksSpend hours designing and building with these precision-cut building blocks, then have a blast as you knock down your creation!

  • Crafty Kids' Shuttle Imagination A kid-sized shuttle made from eco-friendly cardboard means hours of creative play. Easy-to-assemble, and fun for the whole family (2-3 toddlers can fit inside).

  • Doodle Roll Roll out 15 or 30 feet of doodling paper, conveniently packaged with crayons in a travel-friendly package. Draw a huge banner, or use the E-Z tear edges to create a series of smaller drawings.

  • Find It Games On a Hunt Go on a hand-held scavenger hunt. Twist, shake and twirl the game to uncover dozens of hidden treasures.

  • HABA's heirloom-quality German toys and games HABA's signature aesthetic has been captivating children for 70 years and the company's latest products, from chalkboard building blocks to thought-inspiring games, are sure to please.

  • innovativeKids Now I'm Reading Plays Get the family together to put on a production of your favorite fairy tales. Each play kit comes with scripts (highlighted for easier reading) a storybook and four fun character masks. Or, since Earth day falls during Screen-Free Week, try out one of innovativeKids' latest eco-friendly green start puzzles,

  • Prime Time Toys' Quickfire 12 foam dart blaster for a fast-paced foam-fighting battle!

  • WABA Fun's Arc-a-Teks get kids as young as 3 interested in building characters out of the rod-and-connector style toys. Build the characters from the easy-to-follow instructions, or use your imagination to create something else!

  • Wild Creations Ice Age Excavation Kits Become a paleontologist-in-training and uncover the Wooly Mammoth bones with the included hammer and chisel! Once you've uncovered all of the bones, assemble the replica to display to friends.

  • The Young Scientists Club's Magic School Bus Electricity or Volcano Kits Create a mini lightning bolt, make cereal dance, or create your own explosive eruption with the latest science kits from The Young Scientists Club.

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The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood ( is a national coalition of health care professionals, educators, advocacy groups and concerned parents who counter the harmful effects of marketing to children through action, advocacy, education, research, and collaboration among organizations and individuals who care about children. CCFC is a project of Third Sector New England (

Classic toy list provided by KidStuff Public Relations