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Imagination Brands Doodle Roll™ Wins Spring 2011 Mr. Dad and Great Dad Seals of Approval

Beverly, MA (April 21, 2011) - Ever want to play Dot Boxing with your kids while waiting for your burgers and fries, but there's no paper and crayons around? How about some Tic-Tac-Toe while sitting in the airport gate? Or maybe father and daughter draw some competitive goofy faces while on a road trip together (while mom drives, of course!) The fun desire to draw and the frustrating dilemma of having nothing to draw on or with are common. That's why the brand new Doodle Roll just won the Spring 2011 Mr. Dad and Great Dad Seals of Approval: It's small, compact and has all the stuff you need to doodle, draw and play no matter where you are.

Here's what Mr. Dad and Great Dad had to say about Imagination Brand's Doodle Roll:

"The Doodle Roll is a fun addition to a bag to take to the restaurant or on a plane ride. It's a low-cost roll of paper, prepackaged with crayons. Creative dads will use it to doodle and draw along with their kids as they might in a restaurant that provides paper tablecloths and crayons for the whole family.

The unique on-the-go dispenser, handy crayon-caddy and safe, tear-away edge allows Dad to interact as much or as little as he and his children choose. It's also a fun way to engage in free-spirited doodling without the limit placed on kids by the four sides of a sheet of paper.

Dads can also use it to play simple games like battleship and tic-tac-toe, the only limit is your knowledge of games. It also makes a great way to make a banner for Mother's Day."

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The Doodle Roll Activity Kit was invented by parents Diana and Marc Cooper. Their vision was to develop a platform that enabled their children and others a way to expand and express their creativity and imagination by providing a way for kids to learn to express their ideas while having fun doing so.

The company's goal is to offer safe, useful and fun products made in and environmentally and socially responsible way, that feed every child's imagination. Just like there is no limit to the fun and imaginative ways to use the Doodle Roll, Diana and Marc never stop thinking of innovative and creative ways to expand the Doodle Roll line of products. Future products for launch will be built around a central idea of a roll of paper that can be unrolled to color, draw and write on.

For more information on Doodle Roll and the company, log on their website,