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iDye from Jacquard Products Transforms Any Laundry Room Into a Color Lab

Healdsburg, CA (May 29, 2009) Ė Whether itís a rogue red sock that turns a load of whites into a load of pinks, or a dribble of bleach that transforms your favorite top into a dust cloth, thereís an easy fix from Jacquard Products. Their line of iDye products makes altering or removing color from a wide variety of fabrics a walk in the park--or a quick wash in the machine.

To get rich, vibrant colors with iDye just throw the no-mess, completely dissolvable dye packet into the washing machine. Since Jacquard Products has been producing high-quality dyes for close to 30 years, the iDye produces professional-looking, uniform results without the hassle of having to handle messy dye.

Give new life to a washed-out Tee, or change the color of an atrocious bridesmaid dress by following three simple steps to get professional-quality color results.

First, drop the dissolvable dye packet into the washing machine, then add the fabric and add either 1 cup of table salt or 1/3 cup of vinegar (depending on the fabric) and run the wash cycle. Thatís it. For delicate pieces that wouldnít normally go in the washing machine, or for the most intense color possible, each iDye packet comes with instructions for a stovetop method, used to ensure a higher temperature than can be achieved with normal hot water, and produces similar results without using the washing machine.

Each $3.59 packet of iDye gives new life to three pounds of cotton, linen, silk or rayon fabrics. Itís available in 30 colors, ranging from lively Sun Yellow and Brilliant Blue to calmer hues like Pumpkin and Lilac.

Follow the same steps to revitalize dingy whites, remove unwanted color stains, or lighten an existing color with iDye Color Remover, also $3.59.

Tricky synthetic materials can even be dyed with Jacquard Productsí iDye Poly. Itís formulated especially for 100% polyester and nylon fabrics, and comes in 8 color variations. Due to the nature of these fabrics, the stovetop method is recommended for the best results for iDye Poly.

Noticing the influx of UV-blocking apparel on the market, Jacquard Products also created an iDye Sun Blocker. So, instead of buying a whole new wardrobe of UV-protected clothing, iDye Sun Blocker provides the same type of protection to existing pieces. Each packet provides UV protection to up to three pounds of natural fiber clothing, and protects that clothing from becoming bleached by the sunís rays. Each treatment with iDye Sun Blocker, $3.59, lasts through six to seven washes and is safe to use on colors.

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About Jacquard Products
Jacquard Products has been producing professional-quality textile paint and dyes at the best value for surface designers, textile artists, fine artists, hobbyists, and crafters. It has almost 20 color lines, available in standard and bulk sizes, sets, and in easy-to-use kits. Offering the highest quality of dyes and inks that hold fast and color deeply, do-it-yourselfers can bring professional creativity to their home, school, patio or anywhere they wish to create wearable art.