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Road Trip Game


Daddy-O Productions' "Road Trip" Game Provides Families Fuel-Efficient Fun

Everett, WA (June 8, 2011) - Anyone who has ever gone on a family drive (aka a "road trip") knows that besides checking out the sights, there are a whole lot of standard-fare car games to help fill the miles between exits in a fun way. "Mad Libs®," "20 Questions," and "License Plate Bingo" are just a few family faves. To be sure, these games add to the awesome memories of those long remembered trips.

Apparently, the groovy gamers at Daddy-O Productions have driven cross-country more than a few times. And even with crazy-high gas prices, they were far less concerned about MPG (Miles per Gallon) than SPG (Smiles Per Gallon!) You can tell, because their newest game - "RoadTrip"- packs all those great driving experiences we've had (except maybe the beeline for the gas station after drinking too much soda!) into a great family game. To top it all off, "RoadTrip" comes packed in a really cool, retro RV carrying tin that you can take anywhere.

The goal of Road Trip is to cruise your retro station wagon across a US map game board from the left coast to the right. Instead of putting the pedal to the metal, players take turns rolling a very cool 30-sided alphabet die. In order to drive forward, the players must use whatever letter they end up with to answer challenge questions and complete sentences with wacky words. The first driver (or team of drivers) to reach the East coast wins.

Just like the games we play during real road trips, the hilarious conversations that will be sparked during "RoadTrip" will keep you thinking, imagining and laughing from smile-marker to smile-marker.

There are several different types of challenges, each of which must be completed within 30 seconds:

Could you finish the "Tale of the Trip" by filling in the blanks with words beginning in "A?" You'd better hope so if you choose a "Tall Tale" Card. These challenges make players complete a sentence by filling in the blanks with words that start with the specific letter rolled. How's this? "When we stopped in Albuquerque, I bought an Armadillo to give to Aunt Alice!" Can you rattle off three towns that start with the letter "P?" Well, you just may have to if you get a "List Three" Card. This challenge requires players to list up to three things in each card's category that start with the letter they've rolled. Got a "P?" How about Paris, TX, Paramus, NJ and Punxsutawney, PA?

"Lead Foot Five" Cards: Players must list any five words that start with the letter rolled. Upon completing a "Lead Foot Five" card, players move ahead one space. Rolled an "F?" Go with Fantastic Ferrari Fueled Family Fun!

"End of the Road" Cards: Players must list any five words that end with the letter rolled. If able to complete an "End of the Road" card, players move ahead two spaces. (This is a tough one!)

"Rest Stop" Cards: Any time a player lands on a "Rest Stop" space they select a "Rest Stop" Card. You may have to sing, dance, or think fast to get back on the road. "Rest Stop" Cards can bring good fortune, or set a player back. Just don't forget the kids when you get back in the car and drive away! Families aren't the only ones who like playing this zany, cross-country adventure game. While gassing up for more fuel-efficient fun at a truck stop, Road Trip received a Dr. Toy 2011 Best Vacation Play and Learn Product Award, a 2011 Toy Man® Seal of Approval, a 2011 Toy Man® Award of Excellence and a 2011 Toy Man® eChoice™ Award.

Each "RoadTrip" game, for ages 8+, contains:

  • Retro USA Map Game Board
  • One 30-sided Alphabet Die
  • Four vintage "Family Cruiser" Mover Pieces
  • One 30-second Sand Timer
  • 120 Challenge Cards
  • 40 "Rest Stop" Cards
  • Assorted Stickers to "customize your cruiser"
  • All stored in an ultra-cool retro "RV" Carrying Tin

"RoadTrip" is $24.99 and available now at Barnes & Noble and Calendar Club stores and on

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