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How Do You Liv?

Crayola Liv

Fierce? Bold? Electric? Liv Crayola Customizable School Supplies Let Teen Girls Show Their True Colors and Stay Organized in Style

July 1, 2010 — EASTON, PA — Crayola is bringing the brand teen girls grew up with back into their lives with Liv Crayola, a new line of school supplies girls can customize to express their unique style. The line includes 13 sleek and eclectic products that can be personalized online or customized with one of the design packs available at Target, where the line is making its exclusive debut for back to school.

The heart and soul of the line is the Web site that features hundreds of patterns girls can use to create their own designs with colors, text, photos and shapes. They can show the world how they “Liv” by printing and applying their designs on Liv Crayola notebooks, binders, pens, inkless highlighters and mechanical pencils, posting them to the design gallery for others to rate and re-mix, sharing them on Facebook or creating wallpaper to Liv-ify their cell phones.

Feeling powerful, purple and like pop music? Take the Mood Quiz to design the perfect style of the day to match your mood or pick from one of 11 Liv Crayola Design Packs to personalize supplies with pre-made patterns and Crayola colors like electric lime, vivid violet and razzmatazz.

With Liv Crayola, teen girls can also create a colorful, sophisticated system for organizing their supplies by subject and their lockers—and who knows color better than Crayola! Looking for school supplies that are practical, but not boring, and offer endless options for organization rather than a one-size-fitsall solution? Liv Crayola is a teen girl’s new BFF!

Crayola Liv Fashion Binder Liv Crayola Fashion Binder lets teen girls organize and keep their important school papers safe, secure and stylish in a 1.5” binder with a clear cover that begs for their personal stamp! With hundreds of Livinspired styles and colors to choose from online, as well as ready-made Liv Design Packs, girls can create custom covers as unique and original as they are. The sleek, feminine black binder with an accordion pocket inside is durable and practical and makes a fashion statement even unadorned!

Liv Crayola Notebook provides 75 collegeruled pages that “pop” with electric lime green lines, so teens can take notes in style! The Liv Crayola version of this school standard features perforated sheets and a covered spiral binding to prevent snags in a favorite sweater. Customize to match your Liv Crayola Fashion Binder or mix it up for more variety. The options are endless!

Liv Crayola 2-Pocket Folder makes organizing papers easy thanks to two, roomy expandable pockets that keep materials neat and ready to use. Made to go the distance, this durable folder is equipped with grip-strip fasteners that ensure against lost loose leaf sheets. The 2-Pocket folder includes 4 mini “pic” pockets for photos and notes, as well as clear subject tab holders for easy re-labeling when classes change. Customize the folder with a pattern from the colorful collection of Liv Crayola Design Packs or personalize with custom backgrounds, words, pictures and more with the online Design Tool.

Crayola Liv Design Packs Liv Crayola Design Packs provide a fast and fun way to personalize all your Liv Crayola products. With 11 sets in all to choose from, these colorful combinations come paired in complimentary pattern/solid color schemes featuring bold hues like electric lime, vivid violet and razzmatazz. Each Design Pack contains 15 sheets with perforated pop-out shapes to custom fit 2 sets of Liv Crayola products including Binders, Notebooks, Rulers, Locker Accessories, Mini Mechanical Pencils, 3-in-1 Pens, Metallic Markers and Inkless Highlighters.

Liv Crayola Web Design Pack lets teens Liv it up and completely personalize all their Liv Crayola products! The Web Design Pack comes with 15 sheets of high-quality printer paper that is already perforated to custom fit every single Liv Crayola school supply in the line twice. It’s easy for girls to put their design talents on display. All they need to do is print out their original designs, pop out the shapes and apply them to their Liv Crayola school supplies.

Liv Crayola Inkless Highlighter may sound like an oxymoron, but you’ll believe it when you see it! This unique highlighter looks and works like a traditional marker highlighter, but since it doesn’t contain ink, it won’t dry out, stain or bleed through papers. The Liv Crayola Inkless highlighter goes on silky smooth like lip gloss in four vibrant Liv Crayola colors including laser lemon, screamin’ green, aqua sheen and sunglow. The Inkless Highlighter, and all Liv Crayola writing instruments, can be customized with an original design or with a Liv Crayola Pen Design Pack. Two Adhesive Highlighter Design Sheets that easily peel off and re-stick are included.

Crayola Liv 3-in-1 Twist Pen Liv Crayola 3-in-1 Twist Pen provides three fun and funky ways to write! The 3-in-1 Pen includes silver glitter, blue ink and mechanical pencil modes. Just twist the barrel to change instruments and choose the medium that’s up to the task. The large-size barrel is customizable so you can show off your style, and a cushion grip makes writing comfortable. An Adhesive Pen Design sheet that easily peels off and re-sticks is included.

Liv Crayola Mini-Mechanical Pencil is a cool, convenient writing tool that fits easily in a pocket or the smallest of purses. This primo little pencil offers built-in storage for extra 0.7 mm lead, a comfortable cushion grip, a twist-up eraser and two Adhesive Pencil Design Sheets that easily peel off and re-stick. Girls who want to show their personal style can customize their Liv Crayola Mini-Mechanical Pencils with a Liv Crayola Pen Design Pack or use the online Design Tool to create a design as wild as their imagination! Liv Crayola Mini-Mechanical Pencils come two to a pack.

Liv Crayola Metallic Markers give your work a steely, iridescent finish. Shimmering inks add dazzle to notes and designs and will make any assignment stand out in the crowd. The fine-line tip works on a variety of surfaces including canvas, all Liv Crayola products and most plastics. Each pack contains 2 markers in metallic blue and gold, or metallic blue and silver, along with 2 Adhesive Marker Design Sheets that easily peel off and re-stick so teens can change as often as they like!

Crayola Liv Metallic Markers Liv Crayola Pen Design Packs provide quick ways to personalize your favorite Liv Crayola writing instruments. Similar to the Liv Crayola Design Packs pictured above, these colorful sets come paired in pattern/solid color schemes. Each pack includes custom-fitted adhesive cutouts for 4 Liv Mini Mechanical Pencils, 4 Inkless Highlighters, 4 Metallic Markers and two 3-in-1 Pens.

Liv Crayola Ruler proves that all rulers are not created equal! Any ruler can help you calculate 12 inches or draw a straight line, but when it comes to style, other rulers just don’t measure up! The Liv Crayola Ruler comes with a center window to insert the color pattern included or custom designs that coordinate with your other Liv Crayola accessories. The 12-inch ruler includes both standard and metric measurements.

Liv Crayola Designer Index Cards help organize notes in one place and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that plain index cards just aren’t noteworthy! The 40 Liv Crayola Designer Index Cards are printed with two fabulous background designs that let you organize your notes by subject. Opaque printing lets color schemes show through while keeping your notes clear and legible. The Liv Crayola Designer Index Cards come in a clear, customizable carrying case.

Liv Crayola Locker Accessory Set lets teens deck out their own personal space at school! A white board and bulletin board offer plenty of space for quick notes, and a picture frame lets them show off a favorite photo with their BFF. Need a little touchup between classes? A mirror lets you know if your lip gloss has gone to sleep or your hair is having a bad day. The set comes in sections that fit together side-by-side or stacked. Backed with strong magnets, the Liv Crayola Locker Accessory boards will cling securely to any metal locker. Like all Liv Crayola products, they can be customized online with the Design Tool and a Web Design Pack or with a ready-made pattern from one of the Liv Crayola Design Packs.

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