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Peaceable Kingdom Wins Honor For Hungry Monster Game

Berkeley, CA (July 10, 2012) - Family game night is an old concept that's gained new traction as parents try to pry their millennium kids away from TV and computer screens to invest in some face time with dear old Dad and Mom. One game, Feed the Woozle by Peaceable Kingdom, gets the giggles going as young as age 3 when good habits are starting to form. Stuffing silly snacks into a hungry cardboard critter makes the perfect kitchen table game! And so the Woozle gets served a tasty Silver Honor from the prestigious Parents' Choice Foundation for Spring 2012 Toys. In addition, the game was just honored as an American Specialty Toy Retailers Association's Best Toys for Kids winner, in the “Games Play” 3-7 years category.

Feed the Woozle requires no reading so the youngest members of the family can join in as they improve their motor skills and fine tune their social development. Observes one Parents' Choice reviewer, "at this young age, it's hard to teach sportsmanship sometimes. This game helps. Little ones may drop the snacks quite often on their way to the Woozle. They'll be having so much fun, though, that they won't get frustrated about it. Anyone who has ever watched a four-year-old quit a game in frustration will appreciate the balance between challenge and fun."

Feed the Woozle * Ages: 3+ * $19.99
Parents' Choice Foundation Award * Silver Honor * Spring 2012 Games Category

Fried socks and booger chili-what's not to love? The silliness of this game is perfect for its target age group. The directions of Feed the Woozle are easy to follow, and the object of the game is really cute. The game's box and its pieces are well-constructed, high quality, and sturdy. It will hold up for years. Children as young as 3 can play on 'Level 1' and older, more coordinated children can play on levels 2 or 3. This game not only helps children with counting, it also exercises and builds gross and fine motor skills as well as dexterity.

The gist of the challenge is that kids must carry one to three food cards on a big blue spoon to the Woozle, a hungry cardboard critter placed at least five feet away from players. As players grow older, they can add the additional challenge of hopping, marching, or walking backward as they deliver the Woozle's meal of sand pizza or bathwater chili. At its most difficult level, the food deliverer is blindfolded. The rest of the players pipe up to guide him or her toward the Woozle.

Parents loved that this is a cooperative game as well. Everyone wins together when the Woozle eats his twelfth snack. We have played this game multiple times as a family and it keeps us giggling and engaged. It will definitely bring us years of fun, and it would make a great gift. Parents' Choice Foundation recommends toys with staying power. Their Silver award is given to excellent products that are designed to entertain and help children develop universally ethical attitudes and rigorous standards and skills. Silver Honors are highly prized for production and human values.

For this and other cooperative games, visit Peaceable Kingdom's website at

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Peaceable Kingdom was founded in 1983 with a single product - a children's poster based on the artwork from the classic children's book Goodnight Moon. Twenty-eight years and more than 5,000 SKUs later, the company has grown to be a leader in juvenile stickers,greeting cards and cooperative games.
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