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The BMX Revolution Has Arrived

Dogg Unleashed For decades the humble BMX has remained largely unchanged. Whilst components and build materials have evolved, design and functionality has waned, forcing the rider to adapt to the BMX. Now there is a BMX adapted to the rider.

Enter Dogg Unleashed, a BMX that enables the rider to complete and maintain the ultimate wheel stand with absolute success. Using a unique ‘third leg’ or “Dogg Tail” that acts like a wheelie bar on a high powered drag car, the Unleashed allows the rider to perform staggering and long lasting wheel stands without the threat of flipping.

Built with quality and functionality in mind, the Dogg Unleashed allows the rider to practice stunts and tricks with knowledge that he or she has the perfect extreme machine underneath them. The Dog Unleashed is a mean machine boasting branded components matched with a superb finish. A better finished bike at this price will be hard to find.

The bike comes with a six month warranty which is also backed with a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. Available in striking red and brilliant blue this bike is set to turn heads when it arrives at local skate parks throughout the country.

Dogg is an Australian owned and operated company that is dedicated to innovation and breaking away from the norm said Dogg Board Member, Colin Clissold.

“For so long, young riders have endured the stagnant and conservative design of the conventional BMX. Dogg has sought to breakaway from the mould and give our riders a bike that enables them to do more.”

“The Unleashed is about empowering the rider, creating more opportunities to develop their skills and maybe even come up with brand new stunts, who knows this bike is just so versatile,” said Mr Clissold. Information on the Dogg Unleashed can be found at

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