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JR. Bee Girls Rule in ’09 With Six Fresh Costumes From Garden Fairy to Buzzing Bee

Lake Barrington, IL (August 6, 2009) – There’s nothing better than daydreaming while you are pondering what to do for the next 95 years of your life. But in order to imagine all of the possibilities, it helps to be wearing a very cute little outfit. Not fancy but fantasy!

If you want to flutter about the garden it helps to be wearing wings when you’re a garden fairy. Pirates need a headscarf and flappers must have red-fringed dresses. Little girls everywhere will be able to dress up and imagine themselves to be anyone, anywhere when they have one or more of these adorable Aeromax costumes in their closet.

Aeromax, award-winning makers of children’s dress up clothing, understands that the look is as important as the feel and the fit. That’s why they’ve whipped up six fresh outfits just for little girls. Big girls (aka Mom) will appreciate the sturdy structure of the fabric, the stitching and other details that make these costumes stand up to plenty of wash and wear.

Moms also appreciate that Aeromax has a long list of industry awards including Family Fun’s Toy of the Year, Nick Jr. Top 50 and the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio’s Platinum Award. Aeromax’s website,, offers a foolproof size chart to get a perfect match for a growing child.

Six new Get Real Gear outfits now available for little misses:

Flapper Girl Jr. Bee
• $24.95
What’s all the buzz? This yellow and black striped outfit is adorable from head to toe. Jr. Bee’s will appreciate the comfy fabric of the back of the dress with a two-tiered skirt. A headband with antennae and detachable black wings makes this busy-body beeutiful.

Jr. Flapper Dress
• $29.95
Got a little dancer? Dress her up with long red gloves, a red sequined headband topped by a red feather. The Jr. Flapper will swish and sway in her red dress with a double row of red fringe. An easy-to-use zipper gets this tiny dancer roaring to go.

Poodle Dress Jr. Poodle Dress
• $34.95
It’s back to the future with a pink poodle skirt topped by a pink and black striped top. The attached layered underskirt with lace trim gives the authentic pouf-y look. The whole outfit comes together with a black belt, precious pink purse topped by a black sequin poodle.

Jr. Garden Fairy
• $29.95
Let her imagination go wild indoors and out with this shimmery satin green dress adorned with floral appliqués. The detachable gold wings let her take a flight of fancy. The back of the dress is smartly designed with a comfy fabric.

Cheerleader Jr. Pirate Girl
• $34.95
There’s no argh-uing that this little pirate means business with a black and white dress topped by a red balloon-style overskirt. The matching red belt and buckle plus a pirate’s headscarf makes her ready for a high seas adventure, even if it’s just in the backyard.

Jr. Cheerleader
• $37.95
The cheers are up to you but the style is all Aeromax with bright colors and great attention to detail including a set of pom poms and ponytail scrunchie! Choose from three fresh color combinations: red with white & blue, purple & gold or classic blue & white. The one-piece outfit with briefs, with authentic pleated skirt, comes in three sizes: 2/3, 4/6 or 6/8.

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About Aeromax
President Mark Levine began his company 11 years ago with one product, the Aeromax 2000 Tangle Free Toy Parachute, which is still iconized in the company’s logo. Today its product line boasts 250 (and counting) items and every top toy industry award. Charitable giving is an important component of Levine’s business plan with thousands of units donated to Kids Wish Network and most recently, thousands more to the Kids In Distressed Situations (K.I.D.S.) in time for Halloween 2008.
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