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Experience Mattel's New Xtractaurs Action Figures and Online World

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JXtractaurs Basic Figure - Quikfire (Trannosaur 2-Nanotyrannus) Mattel’s new Prehistoric Pets line of dinosaur action figures doesn’t require excavation digs or archeological exploration to bring these creatures to life! Combining innovative technology, online connectivity and unique customization features, Xtractaurs™ offer a new way for kids to bring together action figures and computer game play, all while inspiring imaginations.

Be one of the first to experience the Xtractaurs™ online world with a free three-day access pass to

With Xtractaurs™, kids have the ability to build their own ultimate hybrid dinosaur. The Xtractaurs™ experience begins with the Starter Kit (not needed for the free three-day access pass), which contains one dinosaur action figure and the Extraction tool. Use the Extraction tool to pull the dinosaur’s “DNA” right into your Mac or PC! Kids can mix and match DNA, which can be drawn from 15 different dinosaur action figures, to customize their virtual dinosaur’s attributes and fighting powers. Once created, kids can train their Xtractaur™ in one of five arcade-style games to gain skill and power, and ultimately take on the mighty Megavores™ in the online Battle Zone.

At less than $20, Xtractaurs™ offers kids fun and creative customization tools at an affordable cost, while also incorporating the excitement and strategy of online game play.

To access the exclusive three-days of free online game time, visit, click on the new member option, and then select “no” when asked if you have the Xtractaurs™ Start Kit. You will be directed to the registration page which gains access to the Xtractaurs™ online world.

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