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Make Learning Manners Fun


Award-winning family board game called "Blunders®" teaches children ages 5 to 10 about social and dining etiquette, universal values, and polite behaviors in the most fun, unique, and interactive way ever imagined!

The Most Unique, Interactive, and Entertaining Way to Teach Children Social and Dining Etiquette!

The blundering ways of Becky, Bobby, Brenda, and Billy Blunder provide fun-filled learning opportunities for children who will laugh and learn as they help the Blunder kids improve their manners and social skills. The timeless lessons and values learned playing Blunders® will give children the self-confidence and social skills they need to become successful throughout their lifetime!

Blunders® Teaches Children How to:

  • Set the table correctly and use polite table manners.
  • Introduce themselves and others with confidence.
  • Be a polite guest and gracious host.
  • Have courteous telephone manners.
  • Show respect and kindness to adults, peers, and siblings.
And, so much more!

Blunders® Includes:

  • 300 charade, multiple choice, true/false, scenario, reward, and consequence questions.
  • 1 “Meet the Blunders” story booklet.
  • 1 beautifully-detailed game board with “seek and find” objects.
  • 4 pawns of the Blunder children.
  • 9 reward tokens.
  • 9 table setting cards.
  • 2 dice for alternative types of game play.

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