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Orbeez™ Magic Maker Orbeez™ Magic Maker Is Best-Selling Activity Toy at Major Retailers

Hot New Toy Line Arrived in Stores Two Weeks Ago

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., Aug. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- The Orbeez™ Magic Maker has quickly become one of the top-selling toys in advance of the holiday season. Less than two weeks after the brand-new Orbeez line arrived at stores, the Orbeez Magic Maker has reached the #1 spot in the activity toys category, prompting retailers to try and secure additional inventory in advance of the holiday season. The popular new Orbeez magically grow 100 times their original volume in water. The versatile properties of Orbeez—they are soft, squishy, wet, bouncy and beautiful—provide creative play for boys and girls.

"We are very excited -- our key retailers just informed us that the Orbeez Magic Maker is the best-selling toy in the activities category thus far this season and a top-selling toy overall," said Ron Brawer, a partner in the Maya Group, which makes Orbeez. "We are doing everything we can to produce enough Orbeez Magic Makers for the upcoming holiday season."

The Orbeez product line, including the Orbeez Magic Maker, Orbeez Stack 'ems, Butterfly, Peace Sign, Flow 'n Show, and Orbeez Color Pack provide limitless play possibilities. Every Orbeez product comes with a 16-page full-color activity booklet. Products range from $5.99 - $24.99 and are designed for children ages 5 and up. They are available at Target, Toys R Us, Amazon and Kmart.

You can find information about Orbeez at:, and

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About Hobbeezone/The Maya Group
The Maya Group (which owns Hobbeezone) was founded to bring safe, high-quality and innovative toys to the market—toys that amaze, wow and dazzle long after the packaging has been opened. The company is dedicated to finding new, cool technologies and applying them to play patterns tested to create enjoyable and continued play.