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Kids Know That When It’s Time To Get Up & Play, Monkey Business Sports Is A Home Run

Portland, OR (August 23, 2010) – How many of us have called our kid “slugger” at one time or another? For the most part, it’s just an endearing nickname, but with Monkey Business Sports’ brand new, E-Z Bat, it’s a nickname that will be based on the scorekeeper’s stats. Hitting a baseball may look easy, but to those of us who’ve spent hours setting t-balls on rubber stands or lobbing meatballs to our children know, Babe Ruth had some astounding hand-to-eye coordination. Because of how hard it is, far too many kids get frustrated and give up before they’ve enjoyed the satisfaction of hitting one out of the park. But if those wanna-be major leaguers had learned to hit with Monkey Business Sports’ E-Z Bat, it would have been a whole different ballgame.

E-Z Bat, the brainchild of a innovative grandfather who wanted his grandson to be able to have the thrill of a home run with every swing, gets kids as young as 3 years old swinging and loving the all-American pastime. The better the swing, the further the ball sails so the E-Z Bat reinforces proper technique. Dads, uncles and grandpas will have a ball teaching Junior everything they know! The E-Z bat balls can either be flung right off the bat or pitched and hit the traditional way. The E-Z Bat is the first of many new active play toys expected to roll out this fall and pre-holiday season from Monkey Business Sports.

This dad-owned, get-up-and-play, youth sports/toy company focuses on getting children active, engaged, and having old-fashioned fun. The toy maker readily admits that they design and choose products with which grownups have as much fun as the kids! How can they not with their whimsical toys like PocketShot, SlingShot, SkyRocket, HoverBlade, Big Daddy EZ Lasso, Stomp Walkers and Bungee Jumper?

“We pride ourselves on being the leading innovator of active play toys,” explains Monkey Business Sports owner Cole Larner. “We offer wholesome play patterns and delivered with simplistic design elegance. We want to remind parents and caregivers of the pure joy of childhood where running, swinging, jumping and throwing are as natural as waking up and discovering a new day.”

Monkey Business Sports’catalog boasts lively indoor, table top and outdoor products. And each one of their products has a unique, Monkey Business twist. Their website,, showcases regular kids beaming while getting physical because with these extremely cool action toys, it’s so much fun!

In today’s hi-tech world of texting, TV and laptops, parents know exercise is critical to a child’s overall health. It’s hard to be a couch potato when a cool new sports toy is flipped in your direction! Monkey Business Sports knows first hand that exercise for kids doesn’t have to feel like exercise. By choosing activities that are fun, getting the kids moving won’t be much of a struggle and they are likely to run around longer. So let them monkey around and move those limbs!

Where does Monkey Business Sports get their out-of-the-ordinary wares? They cook up in-house concepts and work with toy inventors coast-to-coast who share the same ideals – cutting edge play sprinkled with value, quality and childish joy. Many of the inventors are parents themselves and create toys out of necessity like the new E-Z Bat for ages 3+.

Available online and in stores this fall is the first of several new active play toys:

E-Z Bat™ E-Z Bat™ • Ages 2 – 7 • $15.99
A terrific learning toy and gentle introduction to "swinging" a baseball bat. The E-Z Bat is a great new way for youngsters to enjoy the baseball experience. Simply swing and watch the E-Z Ball™ fly. Kids earn a home run every time! The E-Z Stopper™ is removable and the E-Z Bat™ can be used to hit pitched balls too. Kids just give it a swing and start to smile at their newfound skill.

Monkey Business Sports likes to give a little more when customers order from their store online. Check frequently for YouTube videos of their toys, promotions and specials. Currently all orders over $50 earn free shipping, and every order earns a free SpiderWriter pencil to wiggle across the page as they sketch or author a fresh masterpiece!

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Monkey Business Sports strives to stay on the cutting edge of innovation to bring you toys that stand up in quality, stand out in style and push the limits of high performance action! Monkey Business Sports toys are child friendly, safe, and durable for a lifetime of fun and games.