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MIUCHIZ(TM): The Ultimate Convergence of Toys and Interactive Online Games

Miuchiz LOS ANGELES --(Business Wire)-- Aug. 29, 2006 MGA Entertainment's MGA Games division is connecting kids this fall with the Toy Industry's hottest new product launch of the season: MIUCHIZ(TM)! (Pronounced Me-You-Cheese) While "Miuchi" is a variation of the Japanese word for "friends" or "groups of friends," MGA's MIUCHIZ are digital characters in digital worlds that allow the user to play both offline via an electronic handheld MIUCHIZ unit, as well as online over the Internet using the very same unit. The MIUCHIZ handheld, portable device is packed with cutting edge technology far advanced compared to other handheld games and virtual pets currently available. Featuring a full LCD color display, a push-button screen, and infrared (IR) and motion sensor capabilities, the unit straddles the vast gulf between traditional lower-end handheld game devices and next-generation portable gaming systems.

While the handheld aspect of MIUCHIZ is fun and challenging, the component that makes it truly unique is its virtual online game play! The attached USB connector allows the user to plug the handheld unit into their web-enabled computer and connect to a real-time 3D virtual online world with other MIUCHIZ owners who are also simultaneously connected. Once online, the player can play multiplayer 3D games for points and win virtual currency, chat with other players (with parental permission and controls), buy and sell items, and interact in a myriad number of ways.

"While we are excited about all of our new product introductions, MIUCHIZ is easily our biggest and most exciting new launch for this fall," said MGA Entertainment CEO Isaac Larian. "We firmly believe that this is the 'magic bullet' that this industry has been waiting for ... a highly innovative, fun and affordable product to bring KIDS back into the toy department."

He adds, "Our Product Design and Development teams tackled all aspects of design, game play, look, tone and manner to make sure we're on the right track for the different demos that the different characters appeal to. The end results are nothing short of spectacular, and judging from initial reaction from the end users, we believe kids are going to be floored with how amazing the final games and online worlds are to play with and in."

There will be three styles or "Tribez" available at launch: Girls can go shopping and hang out with the MIUCHIZ BRATZ(TM), featuring Cloe and Yasmin; Boys can train and spar with MIUCHIZ MONSTERZ(TM), a battle-themed series, featuring three different characters, that allows players to challenge each other online in the 3D environment or with two handhelds via wireless IR; finally, MIUCHIZ PAWZ (TM) are for everyone, featuring hip, cool cats and dogs that go on treasure hunting adventures with their Owners ... You! Changes, customizations, moods and other items in the handheld MIUCHIZ device are transferred online, and, when online play is done, downloaded back into the handheld unit to store and update. Each character version of MIUCHIZ is available separately and retails for only $29.99 each. Entry into "Planet Mion(TM)," the virtual world where MIUCHIZ exists online, is included in the price for up to one year. For more information please visit

MGA Entertainment will be asking kids "Are You Connected?" when MIUCHIZ BRATZ, MONSTERZ and PAWZ are available at retail everywhere beginning this August and the virtual worlds with PLANET MION are open to have fun, challenge and explore

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Toy News

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