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Nintendo DS Videogames for Girls Due to be Released

Formats: Nintendo DS
Developer: Oxygen Studios
Rating: E
Price: $29.99
Release: October 21, 2008

My Dress Up My Dress Up:

Practice your fashion creativity by dressing up your own personal avatars in this one of a kind dress-up simulation videogame.

Players can host dress-up parties, share photo albums and trade fashion secrets, styles and trends with friends.

My Secret DIaryMy Secret Diary:

Explore your top-secret feelings, gab about crushes and gossip about friends, using your very own password protected journal.

Players can test themselves and their closest friends with a number of personality quizzes, keep track of their busy social lives with a personal secret calendar and discover what's next with the game's Fortune Cookie and Crystal Ball features.

My MakeUp My Make Up:

Pamper and make-over your personalized avatars and those of your friends.

Players can host makeover and face painting parties, share photo albums with friends, and chat about the latest techniques and trends in make-up.

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