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Wild Creations Environmental Science Toys Receive A Pair of Dr. Toy’s 2010 Best Green Product Awards

Myrtle Beach, SC (September 7, 2010) – Want to get your kids to eat creamed spinach? Then tell them it’s mushed-up Martian brains. Want to get them interested in science? Get them stuff that’s green (as in frogs) and has the word poo (as in… poo) in it. Want to get a Dr. Toy 2010 Best Green Product Award? Then do exactly as environmentally conscious Wild Creations, the maker of wild, wonderful and wacky science toys does, because they were just awarded a pair of them. And guess what? Besides being eco-friendly, both of the toys are green and poo-ey.

Dr. Toy recognizes 40 Best GREEN Products and the astute companies making these products. They are each making a difference in their own way and making important contributions. Each step helps. Each step moves us toward a healthier home and community.

Dr. Toy has identified products that help children learn more about their world. She found products made from organic materials, or produced in ways that are healthier. Consumers are encouraged to consider these products for home or school or as gifts. Dr Toy is glad to recognize Wild Creations for helping to create a healthier place for everyone to live. Here is Dr. Toy’s review of both products:

    Wild Creations –A Green Company
    Wild Creations is a company based on “green values.” The company looks for ways to make its carbon footprint lighter. Their initiatives include using biodegradable recycled paper and peanuts for box packaging, gel cool pack that is reusable and eco-friendly, recycling all paper used in the office, going paperless by storing data on computers instead of on paper forms, turning off all electricity not needed on nights and weekends to conserve energy, and using filtered tap water rather than water in plastic bottles.

    EcoAquarium 2010 Green Product Award Winner – EcoAquarium
    The EcoAquarium comes with two African Dwarf frogs that are both simple to take care of and fun to watch. Wild Creations’ unique EcoAquariums provide all of the benefits of a large aquarium environment in a small, easy-to-maintain aquarium. Each EcoAquarium is a complete aquatic ecosystem environment that requires no additional chemicals, filters, or aeration. Just feed the frogs twice a week and change the water every three months using fresh, bottled spring water, available at any grocery store. EcoAquariums are available in two styles, Classic (4”x 4” aquarium) and Jewel (6”x 4” aquarium). Each starter kit includes choice of handsome wood or black plastic base and frog food. The Classic Starter Kit is $30 the Jewel Starter Kit is $39.99. EcoAquariums are also available without wooden base and frog food for $19.99. Ages 5 and up.

    The EcoAquarium was recognized as a product that fit into the following categories: Educational Skills, Science, Green Product. Additionally, it was recognized for helping children to develop Creativity, Language Skills, Social Skill and Visual Skills

    Poo In A Box 2010 Green Product Award Winner - Poo In A Box
    Did you know there are pine seeds in reindeer poo? This definitely novel item is nutrient-rich animal dung from an elephant, reindeer or rhino. From the Natural History Museum, the Poo in a Box begins at a British zoo or safari park and is treated to be germ and odor free! Kids and adults simply sow the seeds, water the cardboard box and watch the plants grow! Poo in the Box comes in three styles: Elephant poo with Christmas tree seeds, Reindeer poo with rose seeds or Rhino poo with a banana tree seed. Each sold separately.

    Poo In A Box was recognized as a product that fit into the following categories: Creative Product, Educational Skills, Science, Socially Responsible and Green Product. Additionally, it was recognized for helping children to develop Creativity, Social Skills, Tactile Skills and Visual Skills. It is recommended for children ages 5 and up.

    All of the winners, including Wild Creations’ EcoAquarium™ and Poo In A Box, are featured on Dr. Toy’s website at

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    About Wild Creations
    Wild Creations, best known for its award-winning EcoAquarium™, is eager to expand young minds with smart ways to play! The company shipped more than 1 million frogs in 2009 alone! The Myrtle Beach-based company is grounded in an understanding of the interconnection of the earth and the cosmos with a profound reverence for animals, plants, soil, water and air. This reverence toward life is the basis for how the company conducts business and the basis for choosing the organizations they support including The Sierra Club, The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, and the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association. Wild Creations also supports the Horry County Disabilities and Special Needs Board by providing employment opportunities to individuals with special needs. At its online store,, customers from teachers to parents, are assured of discovering the best products and receiving the finest service before and after the sale. Find Wild Creations on many social media networks – Facebook and YouTube.