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innovativeKids green start™ Storybook And Plush Set Receives A Dr. Toy 2010 Best Green Product Award

Norwalk, CT (September 7, 2010) – Remember the first time you saw a Polar Bear at the zoo? We bet that you wanted to pet it to see how soft its fur was. Well, luckily mom and dad were there to stop you. And for the same good reason -- your safety -- they also stopped you from hugging the gorilla, tickling the panda and riding the elephant. But that desire is something which all children share. And according to Dr. Toy, innovativeKids Green Start™ Storybook and Plush Box Set Little Polar Bear has been awarded a 2010 Best Green Product Award because it lets children not only cuddle, hug and tickle the animals, but it teaches them about how they fit in the world and together.

Dr. Toy recognizes 40 Best GREEN Products and the astute companies making these products. They are each making a difference in their own way and making important contributions. Each step helps. Each step moves us towards a healthier home and community.

Dr. Toy has identified products that help children learn more about their world. She found products made from organic materials, or produced in ways that are healthier. Consumers are encouraged to consider these products for home or school or as gifts. Dr. Toy is glad to recognize innovativeKids for helping to create a healthier place for everyone to live. Here is Dr. Toy’s review of the set:

2010 Green Product Award Winner - Green Start™
Storybook And Plush Box Set Little Polar Bear

“Collect them and protect them! Adorable box sets include a huggable, snuggable, 100% earth-friendly, plush animal and an illustrated storybook. Read the book to learn all about these amazing endangered creatures. Adopt a cuddly little polar bear and keep him safe at home. Read the book to learn all about what it’s like to be a polar bear living in the Arctic. The green start™ series is designed to help give kids an awareness of the natural world and an understanding of how we are interconnected with everything around us. By giving kids a green start, it will be much easier for them to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into their everyday lives as they grow. A green start™ is a good start for your child.

innovativeKids: A Green Company

“innovativeKids was founded more than 10 years ago in a tiny studio apartment with the goal of creating a different kind of company dedicated to finding new ways to excite kids about reading and learning. With the desire of offering books, games, toys and puzzles that would bring the best of fun and learning together, innovativeKids was born. The journey over the past decade has led to the creation of an array of award-winning and amazing products. One of the most proud accomplishments was the launch of our green start™ series. Green start lets kids’ curiosity lead the way! Each green start product helps kids understand that every living thing on planet Earth - every animal, plant and person is interconnected, and all of us (even kids) can make a difference in the future of our planet. Made from 98% recycled materials and printed using only eco-friendly inks, the green start series doesn’t just teach kids about being green – it is green!”

Green Start™ Storybook And Plush Box Set Little Polar Bear was recognized as a product that fit into the following categories: Book, Plush Toy and Green Product. Additionally, it was recognized for helping children to develop Creativity, Fine Motor Skills and Social Responsibility. It is recommended for children aged 3-12. The set is also available in Little Elephant, Little Panda and Little Gorilla styles.

All of the winners, including Innovative Kids’ Green Start™ Storybook And Plush Box Set Little Polar Bear are featured on Dr. Toy’s website at

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About innovativeKids
innovativeKids celebrates its 10th birthday and continues its mission of bringing the best of fun and learning to children around the world. innovativeKids creates unique books, games, toys and puzzles for kids birth to 12 with the belief that having fun is the best way to learn -- and more fun means more learning! Visit them at to learn more about their hands on minds on products.