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Marshmallow Fun Company Dallas, TX (September 10, 2009)- When you take aim with one of the many varieties of marshmallow shooters from Marshmallow Fun Company™, you’re guaranteed to have a deliciously good time. Why? It’s not the 30 ft. shooting range or the look on your enemy’s face when a marshmallow hits them square in the chest. No, the best part is that the ammo is edible!

So, the next time a food fight seems imminent, put down the ketchup bottle and grab a marshmallow shooter.

With amazingly accurate aim, long distance capabilities, and a capacity of up to 25 “rounds”, a marshmallow shooter will stun opponents without inflicting pain or causing any mess. Plus, if you get hungry while loading the shooter, a yummy snack is never too far away.

There’s a toy from Marshmallow Fun Company for every occasion. Choices include a lung-powered Marshmallow Blower that shoots a single small marshmallow 20 ft.; and an Executive Marshmallow Shooter, perfect for office “bored” meetings, that comes with a clever pump-action device allowing users shoot 25 miniature marshmallows continuously.

The idea for a marshmallow shooter came to Kim and Beaver Raymond and their son Jake when they were preparing for Jake’s 9th birthday party, almost 6 years ago. As a party favor, Jake and Beaver spent half the night assembling marshmallow blowers for each of the 15 guests from PVC pipe. Kim came up with the idea for marshmallows to be used as safe, soft, edible ammo.

What ensued was riotous fun like never seen before at a little boy’s birthday party. As parents began picking up their kids they wanted to know what all the chaos and fun was about. One parent and friend of the Raymonds, John delaValdene, now a partner in the business, saw what a great product idea they had. He and Beaver had spent many hours brainstorming about the next big product or toys for kids, and it struck him like a lightning bolt that these marshmallow shooters had big potential. They sent their concept to friend and engineer, Jeff Mitchell, who is also now a partner. They didn’t realize that Mitchell was also an accomplished gunsmith, and his prowess and expertise would help make their future products both performwell and be extremely safe for kids to use. Marshmallow Fun Company was born.

The company’s first product was a Marshmallow Shooter that held 25 “rounds” of mini-marshmallows. Originally done in blue and red Classic color ($24.95), Marshmallow Fun continues to introduce new styles of their now classic product. (Also available in Camo, $24.95, or Executive, $29.95, finishes). Below are five brand new styles of Marshmallow Shooter, each $26.95, introduced this Fall:
Marshmallow Shooters
Marshmallow Cheetah Shooter
Marshmallow Shooters
Marshmallow Daisy Shooter
Marshmallow Shooters
Marshmallow Skull & Crossbone Shooter
Marshmallow Shooters
Marshmallow Peace Shooter
Marshmallow Shooters
Marshmallow Zebra Shooter

Here’s a look at the company’s other offerings, recommended for Ages 6+:

    Marshmallow Blower • $7.95
    Plan sneak attacks with this stealth mini-shooter. The compact, inexpensive Marshmallow Blower is lung-powered and super-quiet, making it easy to sneak up on unsuspecting targets! Shoots mini marshmallows one at a time up to 20 feet. Available in Classic blue and red. Marshmallow Bow and Mallow

    Marshmallow Bow & Mallow • $29.95
    See if you’re the modern-day William Tell with the highly accurate Marshmallow Bow & Mallow. Snap-action fun for all ages, the Bow & Mallow shoots at a range of up to 30 feet and holds 25 miniature marshmallows in one magazine for soft, non-stop fun. Available in Classic blue and red or Camo finish.

    Executive Marshmallow Blaster • $34.95
    Tired of the same old office routines? Then it’s time to blast away the doldrums and liven up the staff with the Executive Marshmallow Blaster. The pump-action Blaster fires large marshmallows (one at a time) approximately 30 feet at the target of choice.

Make your point by firing marshmallows at employees, or better yet, the boss – if you have the aim and nerve. Ready, aim, and don’t get fired. Also available in Classic blue and red or Camo finish, $27.95 each.

Since marshmallows can get gooey and messy, the company designed each product part that comes into contact with the ammo to be either dishwasher safe or handwash in hot water for easy cleaning.

The company was started by moms and dads, so safety is extremely important to them. The founders tapped into Mitchell’s expertise to ensure kids can’t get hurt playing with the marshmallow shooters. The lung-powered blower is designed so that a child can’t inhale a marshmallow from either end.

The shooters won’t blast anything that can’t compress and then regain its shape, like a rock, stick or stale marshmallow, only something soft like a marshmallow. Finally, they designed the blaster so that the air bursts out of the muzzle’s sides and not just the front, so kids can’t hurt themselves by shooting at close range.

To buy any of these products, visit, or online at Hammacher Schlemmer, Toys R Us ,, and on .

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About Marshmallow Fun Company
The Marshmallow Fun Company is proving that you can have fun with your food, especially when you can shoot marshmallows up to forty feet at unsuspecting targets. The company’s fun products are putting new meaning to the concept of "fast food." The award-winning marshmallow shooters have been seen on Hannah Montana, Rachael Ray, Good Morning America, The Jay Leno Show, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.