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The First Game to Merge the Vinyl Toy Trend with the World of Computer Gaming to Deliver an Entirely New Interactive Play Experience for Tweens

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – September 26, 2007 – Mattel Inc.’s Radica:® brings its innovation and creative use of technology to the forefront of the marketplace with the introduction of U.B. Funkeys™, the hot new game that taps into the latest trend of using computers and the Internet to bring toys to life in an entirely new way.

Designed for tween boys and girls, U.B. Funkeys™ is one of the first interactive games to combine two popular trends of kids today – vinyl toy collecting and the world of computer gaming – to create a fun and funky virtual world that kids control. With more than 40 different U.B. Funkeys™ characters in all, some more common than others, each one has its own look and colorful personality, and unlocks new zones to explore and new games to play when connected to a computer through the U.B. Funkeys™ hub. By playing games, kids can earn coins to redeem in-game prizes such as items to customize and decorate their “crib” within the U.B. Funkeys™ game. Once their crib is “decked” out, players can upload it to the U.B. Funkeys™ website ( to share and compare with friends.

“U.B. Funkeys embodies the way kids play today – they love to collect and they love to play computer games – and now they can enjoy the best of both worlds,” said Jim Wagner, Senior Vice President of Radica, Mattel Brands. “By adding innovation and an interactive play experience to the popular trend of collecting vinyl toys, we are delivering a completely unique game that will appeal to today’s tweens.”

How It Works

To get started, players install the game software that is included in the U.B. Funkeys™ Starter Kit onto a PC and plug the U.B. Funkeys™ hub into the computer’s USB port. Once installed, players can collect and use different character figures to access different zones and games within the world of Terrapinia™ – a virtual world and home to the U.B. Funkeys™. By placing the characters into the U.B. Funkeys™ hub, players can change their character onscreen and begin unlocking new zones for more game play, and ultimately, more opportunities to earn coins to buy cool items to customize their crib. Once a player’s crib is decked out, it can be uploaded and shared with friends online.

The U.B. Funkeys™ Starter Kit comes complete with a hub, two U.B. Funkeys™ character figures and PC software for $19.99. U.B. Funkeys™ characters are available individually for $4.99. For more information on U.B. Funkeys™, and to learn more about each character and the world of Terrapinia™, visit

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Toy News

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