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HABA European Crafted Puzzles, Blocks, Games & Scooters Make Childhood Jolly

Skaneateles, NY (September 27, 2010) – Naughty or nice, kids deserve to be spoiled during the holidays with the pure joy of childhood. And that means toys and playthings. But this year, skip the batteries, software, gizmos and gadgets. Instead, wrap up some wonder, softness, imagination and gorgeous craftsmanship. Impossible? Not if you plan a happy HABA holiday.

German toymaker HABA is known for handsome, high-quality baby and children's toys, as well their children's games and furniture. The company's products are always seen in national parenting and lifestyle magazines plus they’ve won nearly every prestigious German and American toy award.

Sweet smiling characters, chunky blocks and board games especially designed for 2-year-olds are a few of the hundreds (technically 1,500!) of HABA toys being stocked at toy and specialty stores around town and online. The HABA brand fosters learning through the world of play. Parents and grandparents have been known to utter “ahhh” when they touch and behold these award-winning products from European craftsmen and designers.

Before you can say “Black Friday” jot down these holiday must-haves – all brand-new items arriving at retailers right now -- for the youngsters on your list, carefully chosen by HABA experts who are also parents!


    Fleeting Foxes Fleeting Foxes • $20 • Ages: 5+
    There's total bedlam down on the chicken farm! The feisty foxes can think of nothing better to do than chase the poor chicken in a crazy competition! Each player tries to be the first fox to catch up with the hen. A bit of luck with the dice and the right strategy will soon decide whether one's fox noses ahead and can snatch a hen. This dice game includes cardboard and wooden pieces. For 2-4 players.

    Where is Leo? • $12 • Ages: 5+
    Leo the lion is running loose and 2-4 players must search quickly to find him. Terrier Theo sets off to look for him. He tracks Leo down by asking each of the animals where they have last seen the dangerous lion who escaped from his cage. Who will be the first to get to the end of the trail and discover where he is hiding? A boisterously fun searching game.

    Soccer Dinosaurs • $15 •Ages 4+
    Use your memory and strategizing skills to clear the way for a shot on goal. Flip over the dinosaur tokens on the game board to see which team they’re on, and if you match two of your own players, you’ll have a chance to score a goal. But, when the referee blows his whistle, the players move around and start all over again! Made for 2-4 players.

    Extreme Memo Extreme Memo • $12 • Ages 5+
    The best crooks in town are competing for the biggest haul. In this memory game, the goal is to match the most pieces of loot. But be careful, your loot is at risk! If you match two non-loot tiles, then your other winnings can be taken from you. Don’t laugh but the crook with the best memory will win. Engages 2-4 players.

    Discovery Puzzle • $9 • Ages 3+
    These sweetly illustrated wood puzzles break into 9 chunky pieces that become one of four themes -- Flower Pixies, Princess, Pirate Ship and Little Farm. Priced nice, these puzzles are ideal for quiet play that spurs little imaginations to daydream or prepare for sweet dreams.


    Arranging Game Corner to Corner • $33 • Ages 3+
    Everyone’s favorite computer game has gone from the screen to real life in this fun arranging game! This Tetris-like set contains 62 pieces of vibrantly colored, child-safe wood, cut into “I” and “L” shapes. Fit the pieces together to form a cube, lay them flat and create a square, or get creative and make shapes or cityscapes out of the pieces. Unlimited building and arranging possibilities!

    Memo My Toys Memo My Toys • $30 • Ages: 2+
    Children as young as 24 months can test their memory skills in this sweetly illustrated game. Place all of the 20 beech wood blocks in a grid showing just the blank side. Then flip over one piece at a time to find its twin. Peek-a-boo, where are you? Instructions suggest two fun games for building memory skills no matter what your age. Designed for 2-4 players.

    Domino Zippy Scooters • $30 • Ages 2+
    Watch out, the zippy scooters are speeding around the corner. Who is as fast as the cars and can be the first to place their tiles of Domino Zippy Scooters? Includes 21 pieces in all. This car placing game includes a variation for solo play as well as instructions for 2-4 players.

    Bingo Animal Kids • $30 • Ages: 2+
    Here’s a purr-fect twist on the game of bingo – calling all animals. 6 cardboard picture cards allow up to 6 family members to play. 24 beech wood titles are illustrated with smiling 2-footed, 4-footed and winged creatures. Includes a game variation for older siblings.

    Cody Clip-Clop • $50 • Ages 18 months+
    This horse and jockey pull-toy cheerfully wobbles when pulled. The asymmetrical wheels ensure an adorable wobble from both horse and jockey. Cody Clip-Clop is made of vibrantly colored beech wood and measures nearly 8” in length.

    Splodge Memo • $25 • Ages 2+
    Classic memory game with handsome wooden tiles with “splodges”, easy to understand rules, and variation for older children. Contains 24 outdoor-themed wooden tiles, 1 play figure and 1 die. Designed for solo play or up to 4 players.

    Splodge Domino Splodge Domino • $25 • Ages 2+
    HABA’s take on classic dominoes. Game comes with 21 sturdy wooden tiles, 1 die and 1 wooden character for alternate game variations. Ideal for 2-4 players.

    Bingo Fairy Tale • $25 • Age 2+
    An enchanting twist on the traditional bingo game with numerals, this set uses pretty wooden fairy tale tiles! Can be played as regular bingo, or play one of the variations. Designed for 2-4 players.

    Animal Scooters • $19 • Ages: 1+
    Did you hear that? Ding-a-ring! It’s Crocodile Chris, Horse Paulina, Bear Ben and Cow Caro zipping along the floor. These wooden animal scooters can really move – under the table or around the corner. Made of beech wood and painted in bright colors, each smiling animal has a moving head that can be turned to face baby. Each sold separately.


    Technics Wooden Blocks Technics Wooden Blocks – Basic Pack • $70 • Ages: 3+
    Ignite young imaginations with this 26 piece starter set of solid beech wood blocks made in Germany and easy to use orange flexible clamps. The blocks can be stacked and thanks to the wheel clamps, converted into various vehicles. Ideal for creative constructions. Also available in a large, 49-piece set for $100.

    Looping Track Big • $100 • Ages 3+
    Forget the glue, HABA’s marble runs are held together with bright orange clamps! These special clamps hold wooden building blocks together tightly, but are easily removed when it’s time to rearrange the building blocks or put them away for the day. The Looping Track Big is a great starter set with 25 wooden pieces including an equalizer ramp, a looping cube (that sends the marble on a loop-de-loop), a zig-zag track, plus it comes with 6 clamps and 6 marbles.

    Clamps and Ramps • $35 • Ages 3+
    A perfect complement to existing marble run sets. This add-on set comes with 8 wooden pieces and 6 orange clamps. Ideal for owners of HABA’s classic Ball Track Construction Set.

Ready to shop for the youngsters on your list? When it’s time to put on the gloves, scarf and thick coat, reconsider and head straight to your home computer because all of these HABA top toys can be found with a click of the mouse at This impressive website, featuring the best of European toys, actually shares a warehouse with HABA in Skaneateles, New York! Because of this partnership, is able to offer more than 1,500 HABA items, the widest selection of HABA products in the U.S.

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About HABA:
HABA products can be found nationwide at over 1,000 U.S. specialty retail stores and in specialty catalogs and websites. Many of its products have been recognized with German and American awards including Parents’ Choice, National Parenting Center, Creative Child, Dr. Toy and The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio. HABA received Best Toys of the Year recognition from the TODAY Show Toy Test and has been featured in national magazines such as American Baby, Baby Talk, Fit Pregnancy, Parenting, Parents and Working Mother.