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New York, NY—September 28, 2007—FAO Schwarz, the world's most famous toy retailer, will unveil the hottest toys for the 2007 Holiday season at Toy Wishes Holiday Preview 2007, at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center, Exhibit Hall 1D, from 10:00 a.m., to 2:30 p.m.

From London to Nuremberg to the far reaches of Asia, the FAO Schwarz team scoured the globe to find the world's most unique toys. Their finds promise to dazzle and delight even the most dastardly Grinch, which include "green" toys made out of soy and bamboo, and customized toys that reflect a child's unique imagination.

Customization of toys has been FAO Schwarz's priority for 2007. Toys that can be customized create cherished memories for parents and children. The following is a description of the most exciting toys in this year's Holiday Preview:

  • FAO Schwarz Wooden Toy Collection: Raising the term "low tech" to new heights, the FAO Schwarz product team designed this collection of solid wood toys from sustainable harvested wood and non-toxic paints, and graced them with playful colors and superior craftsmanship. ($40 – $79)
  • Animal Artistry Series by Janice Oh: Produced in extremely limited editions of only 50, these three-dimensional works of art are hand-stitched, hand-cut, and meticulously made from natural fibers (mohair, soy, and bamboo) and colored with fruit and vegetable dies. (Giraffe in mohair; Panda in bamboo; Moose in soybean: $450 each)
  • Personalized and Classic Puzzles: Turn your favorite photo of your child into an 18 1/4" by 13" high-quality maple-veneer puzzle ($150) – and select the shapes of the pieces ($15). Vintage FAO Schwarz Catalogue cover puzzles from its classic 1936 and 1969 books also are a fun way to pass a long afternoon ($99). "FAO Schwarz is delighted to participate in this year's Toy Wishes Holiday Preview 2007," said Ed Schmults, CEO of FAO Schwarz. "This year's collection brings together toys from six continents, many of which can be customized to reflect a child's desires and aspirations."
The growth of FAO Schwarz's private label items has been another significant initiative. Capitalizing on consumer research that shows FAO Schwarz is one of the most trusted brands in the world, the company has expanded its line of products for infants and toddlers to include dolls, cars, wood toys, arts and crafts, educational toys, board games, apparel, trucks, abacuses, stackers and alphabet wagons, green ribbon plush, and trains.

The FAO Schwarz executive team will be handing out copies of its recently released FAO Schwarz Catalogue. Boasting 124 pages of the best toys on the planet, the FAO Schwarz Catalogue will be mailed to 7 million homes in time for the holiday shopping season.

Ed Schmults and David Niggli, president, will be available to talk to the media about the catalog, the toys debuted, and other topics of interest.

"FAO Schwarz is actively expanding our private label collection, acquiring synergistic companies, and launching a number of exciting initiatives," added Mr. Schmults. "These diverse tactics are extending our brand, and will be of interest to members of the toy industry."

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Toy News

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About FAO Schwarz:
Turning 145 years old this year, FAO Schwarz has enchanted generations of children and adults with its unparalleled selection of unique toys, unmatched customer service, and famous flagship store in Manhattan, which attracts more than three million visitors annually. One of the best-known brands in the United States, FAO Schwarz has evolved into a multi-channel retailer while still remaining true to the vision of founder Frederick August Otto Schwarz. Under the direction of CEO Ed Schmults, the company has launched a number of new initiatives that will make FAO Schwarz's future as vital as its storied past.