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TIS THE SEASON TO SCHLEP THROUGH ICE AND SNOW LittleJetSet.Com Helps Holiday Travelers Stay Merry

Ocean Grove, NJ (September 30, 2008) - For most of us the holidays mean spending time with family. Whether it's eating glazed ham at Grandma's in Greensboro, sharing eggnog at your brother's in Boca, or exchanging gifts in person with your in-laws in Illinois, it's the being with family that's important. And while hanging out with your relatives is wonderful, if you have young children, getting to those relatives can be anything but merry.

Face it, kids have a tough time traveling. Even if the end result is getting gifts and re-connecting with close cousins, for children, waiting in lines, sitting in traffic and keeping still for hours on airplanes is an impossible feat. Some families are content to stick their young ones in front of travel DVD players so they can watch away the time. But other families are looking for alternatives. And luckily for them, is a website that has great toys, gifts and other fun ideas for traveling families.

Whether you're the family that's doing the traveling or you're the ones being traveled to, should be the first destination. In addition to having one of the internet's most extensive family-travel oriented selections, has some of the greatest toys, books and dolls available anywhere. Here are some of its most recommended brands and products for the holidays that are sure to delight children and parents alike:

    Zoobie Pets
    Zoobies Zoobie Pets embody an innovative and newly patented 3-in-1 concept. Each pet is a plush toy, a soft pillow and a comfy blanket all in one - the perfect childhood companion. Zoobie Pets make for the ideal traveling companions for children, keeping kids entertained when they are awake and comfortable when they are asleep. They designed these with parents in mind - Zoobie Pets are perfect for any excursion!

      Baby Hada the Hippo 3-In-1 Travel Pet - Age 6 mo+ - $25.95
      Now babies can have their own Zoobie sized just for them with Baby Zoobies. Loosen velcro straps on the bottom and the pet flattens into a cushiony pillow. Unzip the bottom to reveal a detachable fleece blanket with a furry "comfort corner" to please baby's love of textures. Fits easily in diaper bags. Also available in Ellema the Elephant, Kojo the Croc and Tama the Tortoise.
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    eeBoo is an innovative company that consistently produces beautiful, useful and well-made products for children featuring the original art of well-known and well-loved children's book illustrators. eeBoo's vibrant toys and gifts are creative, fun and educational and encourage interaction between children and adults.

      Write Me A Story Write Me A Story Fairy Tail Mix-Up - Age 3+ - $12.95
      Part of eeBoo's new Early Learning Literacy Series, Write Me a Story focuses on creativity and story telling. Children, on their own or with a friend or parent, tell and write stories using stickers as guides. Space is provided at the top of each lined page for illustrated stickers. After one or more stickers are selected, the child tells the story to the adult who writes it down for them or, if possible, the child writes it down with whatever skills the child has. Every child can be the author of an original book of stories.
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      Tell Me A Story Mystery in the Forest - Age 3+ - $10.95
      Also Part of eeBoo's new Early Learning Literacy Series, Tell Me a Story is an imaginative pre-reading activity for young children and adults. Original art by the very finest children's book illustrators help young children form stories of their own. 36 different image cards and instructions for a variety of games and activities conveniently store in a sturdy sliding tray box.
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    innovativeKids creates award-winning books designed for everyday play and extraordinary learning, from birth to age 12 and beyond. More than just books, innovativeKids titles are also games, puzzles, and toys-because having fun is the best way to learn, and more fun means more learning.

      Sugar & Spice Sugar & Spice: Fashion Girls - Age 3+ - $19.99
      Sometimes sweet, sometimes snappy. With so much to wear, always happy! Girls will love letting their imaginations run wild as they dress Sugar and Spice in dozens of different outfits and place them in nine different scenes. Dolls and magnetic clothing come ready to play (no pieces to punch out) and store in a built-in drawer great for travel! Two dolls and hundreds of magnetic outfit combinations for hours of mix-and-match fun. A perfect gift for any occasion, Sugar and Spice: Fashion Girls is the ultimate magnetic dress-up doll set.
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      My First Amazing Game Board Book - Ages 3-6 - $19.99
      Kids will never be bored with My First Amazing Game Board Book! With more than 50 games and activities, this ultimate portable game board book is perfect for summer fun and travel. In addition to familiar favorites such as tic-tac-toe, memory match, mazes, dot-to-dot, and a drawing board, there is also a magnetic weather board with pieces to dress bear for the different seasons, a weaving frame to exercise fine motor skills, a shoe-tying board with actual shoe laces, a math bingo game, an all-about-me board, a game of opposites, a peg board to pattern or make your own designs, and a letter and number board, as well as many more games and activities to do on the write-on/wipe-off pages.
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    The Piggy Story
    The Piggy Story is a labor of love founded by owner (and mother) PeiLing Hwang. Armed with a 15-year background in design PeiLing set out to build a company dedicated to crafting an imaginative suite of products from the child's point-of-view. Piggy Story products are always imaginative, stylish and built to last - equal parts vintage charm and intuitive, modern design.

      What's a Dragon? What's A Dragon? Art and Activity Backpack - Age 3+ - $39.95
      This is a perfect first backpack for young travelers, whether it is for school, trips, or jaunts around town. The backpack is sturdy yet lightweight to endure all kinds of kids' play without slowing them down. Laminated exterior and water-resistant interior makes cleaning easy and keeps belongings dry. The unique slotted marker compartment will help aspiring little artists organize their tools while the see-through inner pocket allows quick and easy access to all their other gear. There is also a removable pocket pouch for spare pencils, erasers, change, or other knick-knacks. Comes with 10 washable double-sided markers (thick & thin tips), mini story book, matching themed activity book with stickers and matching doodle pad. Also available in Piggy Fairy, Pretty Princess and Doggie Diary.
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    Blue Orange
    Since the beginning wood has been the material of choice for Blue Orange due to its quality, durability, warmth and appeal. Blue Orange protects our planet by planting two trees for every tree it uses to make its award-winning wooden games. The recipient of the first Green Toy Company Award in 2007, Blue Orange treasures the times when family and friends gather together for a great game. Creating lively, fun, and quality games is its way to further those precious moments.

      Gobblet on the Go Gobblet on the Go - Age 4+ - $15.95
      Gobblet on the Go is the travel version of Gobblet Junior, the multiple award-winning fun game of memory and strategy for the whole family. Easy to learn (about 20 seconds), Gobblet on the Go plays just like tic-tac-toe except that you can gobble up your opponent's pieces and move yours around the board. Fast to play, it is the best first strategy game for young children, and incredibly addictive for adults. Very convenient, the wooden board and pieces come in a drawstring bag.
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      Double Shutter Jr. - Age 6+ - $22.95
      This game helps develop math skills, and is easy to learn and fun to play. Roll the dice and add up the dots to shut the tiles of your choice. The tile total must match the dot total in any combination you want. Throw the dice until no more tiles can be shut. The player with the lowest tile total remaining wins the round. Shut all the tiles and win a bonus point! First player to score 5 points wins. Self-contained game comes with 2 dice and illustrated rules.
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    Chronicle Books
    Inspired by the enduring magic and importance of books, Chronicle Books strives to publish exceptional titles that are instantly recognizable for their spirit, creativity and value. Chronicle Books was founded in 1967 and over the years has developed a reputation for award-winning, innovative books. The Children's list was launched in 1988 and has grown to include not only traditional picture books but affordable paperbacks, board books, plush toys, and novelty merchandise.

      Doodle All Year Doodle All Year from Chronicle Books - Age 3+ - $16.95
      Taro Gomi is back with a new addition to the wildly popular Scribbles, Doodles, and Squiggles series. Playful drawings of spring, summer, fall, and winter scenes plus fun-to-follow instructions will have kids of all ages doodling, drawing, and stretching their imaginations all year long! Taro Gomi lives in Japan and has created more than 350 books for children, including Everyone Poops, My Friends, Spring Is Here, Scribbles, Squiggles, and Doodles.
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    Created by a family of three generations, spanning in age from 7-75. As some of the family live in the U.K. and the rest live in the U.S. they are fortunate enough to meet every summer by the sea on the east coast of America. The game Bananagrams grew from a passionate love of word games. Obsessed by all the word games that could be found, they all hankered after something a bit more fluid than the classics they all love and wanted a game that the family could play together - ALL ages at the same time - and that they could take anywhere.

      Bananagrams Bananagrams - Age 7+ - $14.95
      A FAST and FUN word game that requires NO pencil, paper or board. All you need is a table. One hand can be played in as little as 5 minutes. Great family fun as well as being educational! Bananagrams portability makes it perfect for travel. Just grab the pouch and go! WARNING - This game is extremely addictive.
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