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Aqua Dots Super Studio

Spin Master is known for bringing innovation to the arts and crafts aisle, and this holiday season is no different. Introducing Aqua Dots, an exciting new arts and crafts toy that allows you to connect colorful dots to create cool designs.

Itís simple to use but most of all it is mess free! The Aqua Dots Super Studio has everything you need for the complete Aqua Dots experience. All you need is water and imagination! Create multiple designs using the included templates. You can even create your own designs! Adding water makes the Aqua Dots magically come together. The built-in dryer makes finishing off your creations quick and easy.

Package contents:

  • 500 Aqua Dots
  • Aqua Dots bead sorter and dispenser
  • 6 Template designs
  • 2 Aqua Dots Trays
  • Aqua Dots Sprayer
  • Quick-dry Fan
Battery Requirements: 2AA (not included)
Age Grade: 4+
MSRP: $24.99 US

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Toy News

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