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Swypeout Online Battle Racing
The Collectible Multiplayer Online Game FOR BOYS!

Swypeout is the first interactive racing game for boys that combines the fun of online gaming with the successful world of collectible trading cards.

On kids compete to be the best battle racer and to enhance play, they collect digital upgrade cards to swipe through a special USB scanner. Two-dimensional images from the cards are uploaded into a customizable 3D racing world.

The cards let kids collect new cars, transfer cool gear and add powerful weapons to their online game. The website offers a safe, fun community experience filled with battle races, tournament play, racing statistics, product news and more. With Swypeout, kids can collect, customize, weaponize and battle!


  • Over 75 digital cards to collect.
  • Series 1 includes powerful Weapons like Alien Abductor, strong Defenses like Phantom Shield, slick Cars like the Dominator and radical Mod cards featuring cool Rims, Scoops, Engines and Exhausts.
  • Series 2 available in October.
Age Grade: 8+
MSRP: Swypeout Starter Kit (USB swipe unit plus 5 Cards) US$19.99
Swypeout Booster Packs (6 cards) US$7.99

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Toy News

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