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Ride the Game Wave™ this Holiday Season
Multi award-winning DVD game console now available in the U.S.

Toronto, ON – ZAPiT Games, the creators of the multi-award winning Game Wave™ has announced that the unit will be available for sale at Toys R Us stores nation-wide starting November 2006.

Game Wave™ is a console all grown up and ready to entertain at family gatherings and parties – places where traditional video games never go. The proprietary DVD-based console hooks up easily to the TV. It comes with four specially designed color-coded wireless remote units (batteries included), a removable storage dock that holds up to six remotes (additional remotes are optional), and all the gear required for TV connection. “Game Wave™ is unique in that it restores a social dimension to games”, said Jeff Hurst, ZAPiT Games. “By combining the group interaction of traditional board games with the excitement of interactive video, it results in high-energy socialization and connection amongst players, ideal for a fun-filled holiday party.”

The wildly acclaimed DVD game console unit has won accolades and prestigious awards such as:

  • iParenting Media Awards: HOT Toy 2006
  • Dr. Toy: Smart Play, Smart Toy Award 2006
  • Children Software Review: Editor’s Choice Award 2006
  • National Parenting Centre: Seal of Approval 2006
  • Creative Child Magazine: Prestigious Toy in the Family Category 2006
Game Wave ™ comes with 4 Degrees – The Arc of Trivia™, which offers 25 hours of norepeat trivia play for up to six people, playing against each other and against the clock with their own colour-coded wireless remote. With 4 Degrees, everyone can play and anyone can win.

The game features lush graphics and hundreds of still and video images, along with digital-quality sound. 4 Degrees features six categories of questions: Arts, History, Science, Sports, Lifestyle, and Geography. Players get four clues for each question – hence the 4 degrees – and there is a breathtaking range of posers on everything from Cinderella to the Taj Mahal. Scoring is based on the speed, and correctness, of answers. And you can answer any time – no more waiting your turn!

Game Wave™ features a library of other proprietary titles including REWIND™, which takes players on a video and photo tour of the world’s craziest and greatest events from the past and tests general pop culture knowledge. The game also features special True or False and News or Not categories.

Other titles available by Christmas 2006 include:

  • 4 Degrees – Volume 2 Pop Culture, offering all-new pop culture trivia challenges in the tradition of 4 Degrees – Volume 1;
  • 4 Degrees – Bible Trivia, a pictorial quiz of Biblical trivia that will challenge the whole family;
  • REWIND 2005, which takes players on a video and photo tour of the events and headlines of 2005;
  • Zap 21, a variation on Classic Blackjack that lets up to six people play at the same time;
  • Letter Zap! where players build words from letter cubes, playing against the clock and each other;
  • Click!, players compete against each other and the clock using pictures, sounds and letter clues to guess the mystery phrase;
  • Lock 5, the ultimate combination of luck and strategy.
And yes, in case you were wondering, the Game Wave™ also plays your DVD movies.

Game Wave™ retails for $99.99, including the console, four color-coded wireless remotes with batteries, a removable storage dock for the remotes, RCA and S-video cables to hook it up to a TV, and the 4 Degrees game. Each game title sold separately retail for $24.99. Additional remotes retail for $24.99 for the pair.

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Toy News

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About ZAPiT Games
ZAPiT Games is a leading designer, developer and marketer of ZAPiT Game Wave, an innovative propriety DVD-based game system that delivers the highest quality of interactive home entertainment game experience for families and adults alike. Founded in 2003 with headquarters in Toronto, Canada, ZAPiT Games is dedicated to creating game content to fulfill the need of family and friends to laugh, compete and interact.