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New Award-Winning Electronic "Test Tube Aliens" Features Web Interactivity and Nurturing Play for Kids

Stamford, CT October 2007 - In another era, the government may have moved to hush up this alien invasion, but in the biggest Alien sighting since Roswell in the 1940s, the Electronic Test Tube Aliens are landing in stores throughout the U.S., just in time for Christmas!

The Test Tube Aliens are being welcomed with open arms by American parents having just been awarded the coveted National Parenting Seal of Approval (2007) who said "There was no denying the fact that this was clearly the most unusual and intriguing product in our testing centers this summer. Obviously targeted to a male audience, we found that girls were equally interested in discovering the mystery of the Aliens. The values of caring and nurturing are quite strong here, even if it is an alien, and impressed our testers."

These web interactive aliens have come to earth to be re-born after digressing to an unborn state in order to escape from their home planet of Naratuko, which is being destroyed by evil aliens.

Unfortunately for the well-intentioned good aliens, seeking to set up home on Earth, the evil aliens discovered their plan and have also regressed and landed on Earth in pursuit of the good aliens. Now kids are taking sides with the good and evil aliens by helping to reach their goals and evolve from their egg like pod to an eight inch alien living in a test tube, with a heartbeat and a mission.

The Test Tube Aliens provide kids with the opportunity to grow, nurture and interact with their own collectible race of aliens. They can choose between three good and three evil aliens or collect all six! Earthly carers can assess their alien's health status and care for it daily with the right amounts of water and alien "sloog" by placing the Test Tube Alien in front of the computer for regular health checks at where the Alien's electronic sensor will interact with the website and give health care directions to their carer through colour coded messages.

Test Tube Aliens

From: Toys R Us,, BJ's, Wal-Mart, Meijer
Online:, eToys,
$14.95 SRP
Consumer enquiries to 4Kidz,Inc 203-327-7949

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