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Malibu, CA – JAKKS Pacific, Inc. launches in 2007 the first major Pokémon® toy release in more than four years, with action figures, plush, electronics and play sets based on more than 100 new figures slated for release in this and the coming years, including all new characters featured in the new “Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl” animated series just in time for the 2007 Holiday Season.

Currently, the hit TV show, “Pokémon: Battle Frontier” is broadcast on Cartoon Network® multiple times throughout the week. “Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl,” the animated series, began airing in June 2007 with over 40 new episodes and the introduction of all new Pokémon characters with brand new adventures in a new land. JAKKS has created a collectible line celebrating the rich worlds of the dynamic pop culture phenomenon which will inspire kids to collect and battle all of their favorite Pokémon characters. Pokémon is the collective name for almost 500 characters that one can find, catch, train, trade, collect, and use in battle against rivals in the quest to become a Pokémon Master. JAKKS will be shipping new assortments to retail each month Catch’em All this Holiday Season!

Holiday 2007 Line-Up

    Basic Figure Single Packs Diamond & Pearl™ Series #1-3: All New Diamond & Pearl Pokémon! Diamond & Pearl Single Pack Series #1 will include: Chatot, Manaphy, Buizel, Mantai, Raichu, Croagunk, and Machop. Gotta Catch’em All!® Three series of Basic Figure Single Packs Diamond & Pearl themed Series #1-3 will be available in Fall 2007.

    Pokémon Basic Figure Multipack Diamond & Pearl Series #1-3: Collect all your favorite Pokémon with three packs of 3” figures. Diamond & Pearl Multipack Series #1 will include new figures: Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup. Don’t miss out on collecting Starly, Buneary, Electrivire, and Pachirusu! Pokémon Deluxe Figure Diamond & Pearl Series #1: Pokémon comes to life with lights and sounds in the 5” Electronic Pokémon Deluxe Figure Series. Activate new Diamond & Pearl Pokémon Dialga, Palkia, Electrivire, and Lucario. See Dialga and Palkia glow! Hear Lucario talk and extend its aura sensors extend or listen to Electrivire says its name and see the antennae light up.

    Pokémon Attack Bases: I choose you, Pikachu! Attack with your Pokémon figures! Launch Pikachu of its electric base and watch as Chimchar explodes from his fire base. Piplup spins with a water attack and Turtwig tackles from his grass base. Each attack base comes with a figure and two Battle Links™ bases. Attach your Battle Links bases together to create a whole Pokémon environment.

    Pokémon Battle Dome Playset: No Pokémon battle is complete without this HUGE playset – over two feet tall! Explore and battle your Pokémon on four different levels. Start on the underground level and attach your Attack Bases with the Battle Links system. Use the elevator to go from underground to the water and rock environments. Watch out for the two trap doors and a rock pile attack along the way! Once at the top, use the attack cannon to defeat your opponent’s moving target and raise the banner to announce you’ve won! Exclusive Raichu figure included!

    Remote Control Pokémon Series #1: Remote Control Pokémon Figures can go forward and spin backwards. Maneuver the figures with a PokéBall™ controller! Remote Control Pokémon Figures Series 1 includes Chimchar, Turtwig, and Piplup.

    Diamond & Pearl Pokedex: Train your Pokémon with the all new Diamond & Pearl Pokedex™ ! The dual screens and sound effects are just like in the Pokémon TV series. Now you can see and hear descriptions of all the new Diamond & Pearl Pokémon and play more than 5 new LCD games! Over 150 Pokémon in all! Throw PokéBall Series #3: Throw a PokéBall® just like Ashe does on the show! The 3” diameter PokéBall magically opens to launch a 2.5” plush PokéBall into battle. An elastic tether attaches to the child’s hand for safety. Throw a PokéBall Series 3 includes Starly, Croagunk, and Buneary.

    Mini Plush Series #3: Made with super-soft and cuddly plush, the Pokémon Mini Plush Series from Jakks provides an extremely cute and collectible line of 5” Plush Pokémon. Mini Plush Series 3 includes Pikachu, Buneary, Pachirisu, Starly, Aipom, Sudowoodo, Croagunk, and Bonsly.

    Pokémon Large Plush w/ Sound: Grab and hold onto your favorite Pokémon plush. Each plush stands 10” tall and includes sound effects of each Pokémon saying their name. Series #1 Pikachu, Chimchar, Turtwig, and Piplup – all new from the Diamond & Pearl series!

    Soft PokéBall: Now you can throw a PokéBall safely indoors or outdoors! Made from EVA foam, these PokéBall toys are light, easy to throw and bounce! Assemble a complete PokéBall arsenal of with the Regular PokéBall, Master PokéBall, Great PokéBall, Dive PokéBall, and the Premier PokéBall.

    Match n' Catch Pokémon Game: Test your memory with this set of 72 Pokémon discs. Each disc has an image of a Pokémon. Find the matching Pokémon discs and catch the Pokémon! Catch’em all to win! A second game can be played by using skill and dexterity. Flip and land the disc with your Pokémon facing up and you catch the Pokémon!

    Marble Catch Game: Challenge your friends to see who can catch the most marbles in their PokéBall. Each PokéBall station includes a marble rack to release marbles into the play area and a marble storage arena to show how many you have caught. Twelve marbles included! Up to 4 players at a time.

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