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Robosapien V2 Is The First Affordable Consumer Robot To See, Hear, Feel And Interact With You And His Surrounding Environment

NEW YORK – October 4, 2006 – The future of humanoid robotics has arrived with the introduction of Robosapien™V2 - the ultimate entertainment humanoid from WowWee Robotics™, the leading consumer entertainment robotics company. Just like his predecessor Robosapien, Robosapien V2 (RoboV2) is a mind blowing fusion of technology and personality. RoboV2 sees, hears and even speaks! If he was any more realistic he would be human!

This super-intelligent robot is the closest thing to a real life companion; he responds accordingly to just about anything you do. For example, if you surprise him and put your hand in front of his face in a `stop' motion, he'll flinch and say, `whoa.' You can't fool RoboV2.

Eight inches taller than the original Robosapien, the 22-inch Robosapien V2 is packed with even more advanced dynamic motion, interactive sensors, and 100 new preprogrammed functions and speech capability. Robosapien V2 has a multi-sensory, interactive personality, fluid biomechanical agility, and sassy attitude – all achieving a new level of advanced technology to create the next generation of consumer robotics.

For starters, Robo V2 talks! In fact, he can say up to 160 unique phrases. His smart and frequently amusing sayings are often in response to an action, or to let you know what he is doing. For example, turn him on and he greets you with "I am WowWee Robotics model RSV2." If he happens to "trip" and fall over he will say, "I think I have a bad motivator."

Advanced agility allows Robosapien V2 to move like a human. His articulated waist, shoulders, wrists and hands give him a full range of motion that allow him to pick up, drop and throw objects; sit, twist from side to side, bend, lie down, sit up and stand up again.

Robosapien V2's power switch is located on the robot's back, below his right shoulder blade. Simply press once to turn on and Robosapien V2 is now ready for your commands. Operate him with the remote control or set it aside and allow him to interact directly without the controller.

Let Robosapien V2 roam freely and explore his environment with his infrared vision sensors, foot sensors and gauntlet sensors. Equipped with stereo sonic sensors, Robosapien V2 can hear loud sharp sounds such as a clap and will even walk towards the source.

When Robosapien V2 first hears a sound, he will turn his vision system off and start listening for more sounds. If he hears a sound from the side he will turn his body towards it. A sound directly in front of him will be acknowledged with "Hey There" or "definitely something there". He will then walk towards the sound, and he may throw an object he has in his hand.

Robosapien V2's advanced vision systems allow him to track movements, detect obstacles and differentiate between certain colors. His long-range and close-range infrared vision allows him to see objects both close and far away. Beware if Robosapien V2 detects an object within reach, he'll demand you give it to him by saying "Gimme, gimme, gimme"! If something comes too close to his eyes, he will flinch and try to identify the object.

With his unique color vision system, Robosapien V2 is able to recognize color and therefore differentiate between a human and an object. He is able to identify red, green and blue objects and can also recognize the skin-tones of your palm. When he identifies a human he might wave or shake your hand.

Robosapien V2 comes equipped with red bowling pins and a green ball which enable him to go bowling right in your family room. Simply set up the red bowling pins about three feet in front of him. Show Robosapien V2 his green ball to start the bowing routine. He will toss his ball forward attempting to knock the pins over.

Robosapien V2 is fully programmable allowing you to script his movements and animations. He can be programmed six different ways: three ways in controller program mode and three ways in positional program mode. The benefit of his multi-programming modes is that he can hold up to six pre-programmed routines in his memory at any given time.

In controller program modes - main, vision and sound - simply enter moves using the controller and he will remember them in order. You can enter walking steps, arm and upper body movements, demos and animation. There are a maximum of 20 moves. Stop and he will repeat the sequence.

In the positional program modes – main, left and right - you program Robosapien V2 like a puppet as you manually move his body parts into different positions. In this mode he has a maximum of 12 moves. Stop and three seconds later, Robosapien V2 will exit the program mode and then repeat the moves. This highly intelligent robot will remember all of his programming even if he is reset, asleep or powered down.

While some robots are controlled, Robosapien V2 takes control, literally. Robosapien V2 has the unique ability to interact with his fellow robotic companions Roboraptor and Robopet. Robosapien V2 might try and calm down Roboraptor if he's being ferocious or may command Robopet to perform different tricks.

Robosapien V2 comes fully equipped with a demo mode to showcase some of his impressive pre-programmed functions. Just don't make Robosapien V2 repeat the same functions continuously, he will begin to get bored. Robosapien V2 and his controller require six D batteries and seven AAA batteries (not included) for six hours of continuous robotic entertainment. Unless something comes within his field of vision, Robosapien V2 will power down after 10 minutes of not being disturbed.

Robosapien V2 (ages 8 and up) is available nationwide for an approximate retail value of $250.

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