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JAKKS Pacific® Launches New Product Line inspired by the Disney Channel Tween

Malibu, CA – Two of the hottest tween properties are hitting the toy aisle this holiday season, much to the delight of excited tween girls everywhere. JAKKS Pacific, Inc. (Nasdaq: JAKK) and Disney Consumer Products are introducing new lines of fashion dolls and role play items based on the two hit properties, Hannah Montana and The Cheetah Girls, set to debut in retailers nationwide this fall. The comprehensive product lines play up the fashion and music themes inherent to the Disney Channel properties and offer an array of items through several of JAKKS’ divisions including: fashion dolls and play-sets from Play Along®, hip and stylish role-play and dress-up items from CDI™, and deluxe interactive video games from JAKKS’ Plug It In and Play TV Games line.

Since debuting as the highest rated premiere in Disney Channel history, Hannah Montana has won over fans with a mix of playful antics, fresh fashions and phenomenal music. The sitcom’s storyline revolves around a young girl named Miley Stewart who leads a secret life as pop star Hannah Montana. Fans relate to the girl-next-door character while aspiring to be like the glamorous superstar. In addition to electronic role play and fashion dolls based on the authentic styles of Miley as Hannah Montana and as Miley Stewart, the line will feature doll playsets, including the In-Concert Stage where Hannah can perform with real lights and sounds. When girls want to “be” Hannah Montana, they can rock-out with the Hannah Montana role play microphone, Wig and guitar, or learn to dance just like her with the Pop Star Dance Mat & DVD.

These exciting new products have already been recognized by retailers and the media as some of the hottest new toys for this coming holiday season, with more accolades expected before year-end. The Hannah Montana In Concert Stage and Hanna Montana Singing Dolls were chosen by Toy Wishes magazine, the Ultimate Guide to Family Entertainment, for their prestigious 2007 Holiday Hot Dozen list. The eToys 2007 Hot Holiday Toys List includes the Hannah Montana dolls, playsets and electric guitar. The Hannah Montana Singing Dolls were also chosen for the Toys “R” Us “Fabulous 15” Best of the Holiday Season list, and the Hannah Montana In Concert Stage was recognized as one of the Toy Insider’s HOT 20.

With the Hannah Montana Singing Dolls, kids can pretend that they’re at a live Hannah Montana concert! When the microphone is lifted to their mouth, each doll in the “In Concert” Collection sings one of Hannah Montana’s chart-topping tunes! Dressed in authentic Hannah Montana fashions, these dolls rock out in style! Age: 6+, SRP: $19.99

Rock out and rock on with the Hannah Montana In Concert Stage! It includes a realistic light show and plays two of Hannah’s original songs, so kids can’t get any closer then this to having a Hannah Montana concert in their own home! The In Concert Stage can also be connected to most music players, so kids can listen to all their favorite tunes through the stage sound system! Age: 6+, SRP: $59.99

Hannah Montana is the coolest pop star on the scene, so of course she has to have the coolest ride to the shows! The Hannah Montana Tour Bus plays two of Hannah Montana’s chart-topping tunes and opens up to reveal 8 different play areas! Available exclusively at Toys “R” Us; Age 6+, SRP: $79.99

Kids can pretend to be a rock star with the Hannah Montana Rockin’ Electric Guitar or the Hannah Montana Rock Star Acoustic Guitar! Both guitar styles feature Hannah’s top hits and include volume & echo controls. Each guitar comes with a real working headset microphone to add to the concert experience! Age: 3+ (Electric), Age: 5+ (Acoustic), SRP: $19.99

Young rock stars can perform just like Hannah Montana with the Hannah Montana Rock Star Electronic Dance Mat! Follow along with the light-up patterns and numbers on the dance mat to learn dance moves to three of Hannah Montana’s hit songs. Age: 5+, SRP: $19.99

In the new Deluxe Lifestyle TV Game, Hannah Montana: Best of Both Worlds, kids can live like a normal teenager by day and movie star by night. Help manage Miley’s busy schedule; maintain Miley’s relationships with friends and family and performance at school; keep Hannah at the top of her game by practicing her singing and dancing and much more. Ages: 8+, SRP: $39.99

Hannah Montana: 4-in-1 One in a Million TV Game features Miley Stewart and her friends working together to promote her latest hit CD. Help Miley with her daily challenges associated with being a pop star (Hannah Montana) and a high school student. Avoiding obstacles, quick-changes and making appearances for fans are just part of the life you’ll get to lead in Hannah Montana: One In A Million TV Games. Age: 5+, SRP: $19.99

With two of Disney Channel’s highest rated original movies, sold-out concert tours and an original soundtrack that sold over 2 million copies to date, The Cheetah Girls have serious grrrrowl power! Based on the music, fashions and accessories from The Cheetah Girls, the new products enable young fans to emulate their favorite pop divas and pretend they’re performing with The Cheetah Girls. The product line will include stylish dress-up clothes, fashionable dolls and highly-detailed playsets, like The Cheetah Girls Tour Bus – all totally “cheetah-licious” like The Cheetah Girls themselves.

The Cheetah Girls Singing Dolls bring these pop stars to life! When their microphone is lifted to their mouth, each doll in the “In Concert” Collection sings a different chart-topping Cheetah Girls song. Like The Cheetah Girls do at their concerts, these dolls totally rock! Age: 6+, SRP: $19.99

The Cheetah Girls Groovin’ Dance Mat features three Cheetah Girls hit songs and is designed in a cool “cheetah-licious” pattern. Follow along with the light-up patterns and numbers on the dance mat to learn each dance. Master each of the three difficulty levels to become the ultimate Cheetah Girls performer! Age: 5+, SRP: $19.99

Travel in style with The Cheetah Girls Tour Bus! Whether The Cheetah Girls are getting ready for their next big concert or chillin’ out after the show, the fun never ends. The Tour Bus plays two hit Cheetah Girls songs and opens up into 8 different play areas, all equipped with lights and sounds! Age: 6+, SRP: $89.99

Perform “cheetah style” with The Cheetah Girls Rockin’ Keyboard! With eight different beats and instrument sounds, sing-along microphone, echo effects and light-up keys, budding rock stars can jam away to three of the Cheetah Girls chart-topping hits! Age: 3+, $19.99

Travel with The Cheetah Girls and see where friendship and hard work can take you with The Cheetah Girls: Passport to Fame TV Games. Whether it’s dancing in London with Dorinda, writing music in Berlin with Galleria, hitting every note in Barcelona with Chanel or picking styles in Paris with Aquanetta, these girls have what it takes to put on a Cheetalicious concert. Be a part of the show and help the girls do what they do best in four stylish and musical games. Age: 5+, SRP: $19.99

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