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Deerfield Beach, FL – October 6, 2005 – Play Along, Inc., a division of JAKKS Pacific Inc. (Nasdaq: JAKK), combines the fun of activity toys and teddy bears into one great product line with the re-introduction of Doodle Bear™, one of the hottest toys of the 1990’s. Doodle Bears are a unique toy line that combines the engaging activities of doodling and decorating with soft, plush items that can be washed for continuous doodling fun.

“The demographic we are able to reach with Doodle Bear has been phenomenal – from little girls who love the activity of drawing to tween girls who are bringing them to school for autographs and note sharing,” said David C. Gold, Vice President of Marketing, Play Along. “We can’t keep them in stores!”

Building on the success of Doodle Bear’s re-launch in early 2005, Play Along will release four innovative new Doodle Bear items for the holidays, each with its own unique twist. The three Doodle Bear characters – Penny, Markie and Drew – are back, along with a new special friend – Artie. Every Doodle Bear comes with colorful washable markers and is both machine and hand washable. They can be doodled on over and over again! Recommended for ages over 3.

Magic Glow™ Doodle Bears allow for doodling two different ways – in the dark and in the light! Write secret messages and create designs with the washable markers, then use the Magic Glow Light Pen to write and expose notes in the dark. Hold the Doodle Bear up to the light, then turn off the lights, and watch Doodle Bear glow! Magic Glow Doodle Bear comes in three different colors and personalities and is sold with three colorful washable markers as well as a Magic Glow Light Pen for doodling in the dark. SRP $24.99

Doodle Bear Candy*Mania™ is candy themed and comes with deliciously scented markers in a variety of sweet flavors. Now children can personalize their Doodle Bears with their favorite doodles AND their favorite scents! SRP $14.99.

Doodle Bear Stylin’ Mat & Tote, Doodle and Go™ is a 28” x 28” large Doodle Mat that offers a spacious drawing area that can be filled with colorful doodles and secret messages. For extra doodling fun, the mat comes with 5 markers total – 2 candy scented and 3 double-tipped! Once decorated, the mat can be folded into a fashionable tote bag to carry any Doodle Bear all over town!

We haven’t forgotten the boys! Introducing…Doodle Monster™! The launch of this boys’ line will consist of three different monsters – D-Zine, Sketch and Inkee - each with its own personality and two crazy-colored washable markers. Watch out washing machines! Doodle Monsters have an SRP of $14.99.

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Doodle Bear

Toy News

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