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Bandai America's Popular Power Rangers and Tamagotchi Toys Named "All Stars" at the 2005 Toy Wishes Holiday Preview
Bandai America Unwraps the Hottest Toys of the 2005 Holiday

NEW YORK, NY, October 6, 2005 - With a heritage of introducing some of the hottest toy trends in the industry, Bandai America Incorporated unveiled its selection of top toys for boys and girls at the 2005 Toy Wishes Holiday Preview in New York City. At the event, three of Bandai America's popular toys were named "All Stars" by Toy Wishes Magazine: the Power Rangers SPD 5-inch Battlized Action Figures, Tamagotchi “True Friends Collection” and Tamagotchi Mini. “All Stars” are selected by the magazine’s editorial board as the brightest and most innovative toys in over twenty different categories.

“In the spirit of the holidays, Bandai America is proud to offer a wealth of toys that inspire the play and imagination of kids,” said Colleen Sherfey, director of marketing for Bandai America Inc. “As the manufacturer for some of the most popular children’s entertainment properties around, including Power Rangers, Teen Titans and Tamagotchi virtual pets, you can find the hottest toys for every kid on your gift list this year.”

Offering the newest tech toys, top toys for boys, ultimate in role-play and fashionable favorites for tweens, Bandai America makes it easy for shoppers to find the most wanted toys on shelf today.

Power Rangers SPD

Power Rangers In 2005, Bandai America introduced “Power Rangers Space Patrol Delta,” a dynamic new theme that fuses the teamwork and heroism of the police force, with the action and adventure known to the Power Rangers brand.

    Power Rangers Battlized Action Figures: Selected as a 2005 “All Star” by Toy Wishes! A must-have for any Power Rangers fan. These 5-inch action figures are equipped with armor that transforms the figure to battlized mode. Kids can also configure the armor separately to form an alien figure. Figures come in Red, Blue, Green, Shadow and Omega Ranger. Suggested retail price: $8.99. Ages four and up.

    Power Rangers SPD Supreme Megazords: Power Rangers Megazords are better than ever! The new Supreme Megazord is comprised of five vehicles and features lights and motion-activated sounds. This Megazord transforms into a cool role-play weapon, with lights and firing sounds that are activated by pressing the trigger. The Delta Squad Megazord is comprised of five SPD vehicles and features lights and sounds. The Omega Max Megazord transforms into a giant motorcycle for cool morphing fun. Insert the Delta Squad Megazord into the driver’s seat of the Omega Max Megazord for motorcycle riding action. Combine the two to form the Delta Max Megazord for even bigger action. Suggested retail price: $39.99. Ages four and up.

    Power Rangers SPD Patrol Cycles: Awesome collectibles. The SPD Patrol Cycles come in two styles that can be combined together to create the powerful Super Nova Cycle. A 5” action figure is included with each Cycle. Suggested retail price: $10.99. Ages four and up. Power Rangers Uni-Force Cycles: Morph your cycles. Three styles of the Uni-Force Cycles can morph with any of the SPD Patrol Cycles to create an even bigger vehicle. Each Uni-Force Cycle includes a 5” action figure. Suggested retail price: $10.99. Ages four and up.

    Power Rangers Delta Enforcer: The ultimate role-play toy. The Delta Enforcer is modeled after a weapon on the television series and features three card reading slots that activate unique sounds. Pull the trigger 10 times to hear the cool firing action and to activate missile launching action when an attachment is in place. The three attachments include a green laser, a silver capture hook and a blue lightning bolt. When you pull the trigger, awesome lights are also displayed. Suggested retail price: $29.99. Ages four and up.

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Tamagotchi Currently the hottest and most original tech toy in the U.S. and Canada, Bandai America has answered the consumer demand for more virtual pet fun by releasing Tamagotchi Connection™ Version 2, the True Friends Collection and the Mini. Just in time for the holidays, the new collection offers the trendiest of styles and more interactive features.

    Tamagotchi Connection Version 2 (single pack): More friends, more fun! With a collection of new designs, colors and characters to play with, fans will be able to find the Tamagotchi Version 2 that matches their personal style. New design collections include Tropical Fun, Camouflage, Makeup Fun, Sweet Candy and Spring Time. In addition, kids can now earn “Gotchi” points to shop for special items and food – and by unlocking secret codes, they can shop ‘til they drop for even more fun treats. Still compatible with Version 1, Tamagotchi Version 2 includes infrared technology that allows owners to “connect” with others, play games, give gifts and become friends. The original virtual pet, Tamagotchi simulates the life cycle of a real pet, letting kids experience the fun and responsibility of feeding, tending to and caring for their virtual friend. Suggested retail price: $14.99. Ages eight and up.

    Tamagotchi Connection True Friends Collection (two-pack): Selected as a 2005 “All Star” For fans wanting to purchase two Tamagotchis at once, Bandai America now offers the new “True Friends” Collection – a pack of two Tamagotchi Version 2 virtual pets in one package that share complimentary designs. The True Friends Collection allows best friends to show off their matching virtual pets while having fun sharing treats and communicating with one other. Suggested retail price: $24.99. Ages eight and up.

    Tamagotchi Mini: Selected as a 2005 “All Star” Featuring programming similar to the original Tamagotchi, the Mini is only one-third the size and can be attached to cell phones, key chains, backpacks, purses, jewelry and even clothing as a fashion accessory and “wearable tech.” Cool design themes include Black Flames, Cosmic Pink, Purple Confetti, Tangerine Polka Dots and Striped Chaos. Suggested retail price: $7.99. Ages eight and up.

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Teen Titans Teen Titans

    Straight from the wildly successful television series on Cartoon Network and Kids’ WB!, Bandai America transforms the wealth of Teen Titans animated characters into a full line of action figures, vehicles and other toys that appeals to boys and girls of all ages.

    Teen Titans T-Robo: Three toys in one! This mega-sized vehicle-playset features three separate T-Vehicles to play with, the T-Car, R-Cycle and T-Sub. All vehicles can transform and combine together to form the Teen Titans’ newest ally: the awesome T-Robo. The T-Robo has cool lights and sounds that are activated when all the vehicles are combined together. Comes with a 3.5” Robin and Beast Boy action figure, as well as five unique weapons. Suggested retail price: $39.99. Ages four and up.

    Teen Titans T-Vehicles: Combine them together for more fun. The Rock Slider and Hyper Skimmer T-Vehicles manually transform from vehicle to battle mode and can connect with each other to form a larger vehicle. Each vehicle can also connect to the deluxe T-Sub to form the ultimate T-Machine! The T-Vehicles also feature missile firing action. Suggested retail price: $12.99. Ages four and up.

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