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Techy toys set to play a starring role in Christmas wish lists

Little hands and minds will be kept busy with up to the minute techno toys that are set to dominate children’s Christmas lists this year, says the Toy Retailers Association (TRA) today. The TRA’s annual ‘Dream Toys’ list, the only official prediction of Christmas best-sellers, reveals a trend towards interactivity for today’s increasingly techno-savvy kids. The list also reflects this year’s big and small screen successes, with toys inspired by Transformers the Movie, Dr Who, preschool favourite Roary the Racing Car, and game show Golden Balls.

This year’s Dream Dozen, in alphabetical order:

  • Are You Smarter Than A 10 Year Old?, Hasbro (RRP £19.99)
  • Baby Annabell® New V4, Zapf Creation (RRP £39.99)
  • Barbie Girls, Mattel (RRP £49.99)
  • Doctor Who Dalek Sec Hybrid Voice Changer Mask, Character Options (RRP £29.95)
  • Flytech Dragonfly, Character Options (RRP £34.87)
  • Golden Balls, Vivid Imaginations (RRP £19.99)
  • GR8 Art Bindeez Super Deluxe Studio Centre, Character Options (RRP £19.95)
  • In The Night Garden – Blanket Time Igglepiggle, Hasbro (RRP £34.99)
  • Puppy Grows and Knows Your Name, Mattel (RRP £44.99)
  • Roary R/C Car, Vivid Imaginations (RRP £24.99)
  • Say What?, Radica (RRP £24.99)
  • Transformers Movie Leader:Optimus Prime, Hasbro (RRP £39.99)
Gary Grant, Chairman of the TRA, comments: “This year’s Dream Dozen once again demonstrates the versatility of the toy industry. The technological advancements used in many of the toys we reviewed this year were quite amazing, and demonstrate how forward thinking manufacturers can be. Responding to the ever changing demands of children is what makes this industry so innovative. The result is a truly eclectic mix of toys that will appeal to young and old alike.”

In the Girls category, Mattel’s Barbie ranges remain a firm favourite, with Barbie Princess Rosella doll, inspired by the latest Barbie DVD, making the Girls Top 12. Bratz, the dolls with a Passion for Fashion, also hit screens this year with ‘Bratz- The Movie’, and enter the Girls Top 12 with the movie-inspired Funky Fashion Makeover Body. For animal lovers, the Grand Hotel from Sylvanian Families (Flair), Littlest Pet Shop Display and Play Pet Town Playset and My Little Pony Ponyville Teapot Palace (both Hasbro) will be firm favourites long after Christmas.

Girls Top 12 Toys for Christmas

Baby Annabel® New V4 Zapf Creation RRP £39.99
Baby Born® Magic Eyes Boy Zapf Creation RRP £34.99
Barbie Princess Rosella Doll Mattel RRP £19.95
Bratz the Movie Funky Fashion Makeover BodyVivid Imaginations RRP £32.99
Grand Hotel from Sylvanian Families Flair RRP £89.95
Littlest Pet Shop Display and Play Pet Town PlaysetHasbro RRP £29.95
My Baby Mattel RRP £49.95
My Little Pony Ponyville Teapot Palace Hasbro RRP £29.95
My Take Along Dolls House Playmobil RRP £24.95
Polly Pocket Race To Mall! Mattel RRP £29.99
Puppy Grows and Knows Your Name Mattel RRP £44.99
Rose Petal Cottage Worlds Apart RRP £79.99

It’s an equally bumper year for Boys, with a range of TV and film-inspired toys. Hasbro brings the popular Transformers license to life with the Optimus Prime Voice Changing Helmet and Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee. Spider-Man is back to battle another day with the Spider-Man Ultimate Web Blaster (Hasbro). Ben 10 is a new addition to the boys’ character crowd, with the Alien Laboratory and a Watch Omnitrix F/X (both Bandai) set to keep mini scientists busy well into the New Year.

Boys Top 12 Toys for Christmas

Ben 10 Alien Laboratory Bandai RRP £24.95
Ben 10 Omnitrix F/X Bandai RRP £12.95
Cars Mega Mack Playtown Mattel RRP £39.95
Creator – Monster Dino Lego RRP £69.95
Dr Who Dalek Sec Hybrid Voice Changer MaskCharacter Options RRP £29.95
Dr Who Figures Assortment Character Options RRP £6.95
Spider-Man Ultimate Web Blaster Hasbro RRP £39.99
Stretch Power Ranger Character Options RRP £14.95
Transformers Movie Leader: Optimus PrimeHasbro RRP £39.99
Transformers Optimus Prime Voice Changer MaskHasbro RRP £29.99
Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee Hasbro RRP £79.95
WWE Money In The Bank Ladder Match PlaysetVivid Imaginations RRP £19.99

There are plenty of treats in store for little ones too, and the Pre-School category sees some well-loved faces that will be familiar to parents as well as children. My Friend Rupert Bear (Martin Yaffe) and the Thomas and Jeremy Airport Set (Tomy) recall classic children’s favourites. Joining them are toys inspired by hit pre-school programme ‘In the Night Garden’ (Talking Plush Assortment by Hasbro) and ‘Dora the Explorer’ (Dora’s Laptop by VTech).

Pre-school Top 12 Toys for Christmas

Bed-time Lullaby Fifi Vivid Imaginations RRP £16.99
Bob the Builder – Snap Trax Car Wash & GarageMartin Yaffe RRP £29.95
Dora’s Laptop VTech RRP £25.99
Fisher-Price Smart Cycle Mattel RRP £99.95
Fisher-Price Stride to Ride Lion Mattel RRP £34.99
In The Night Garden – Blanket Time IgglepiggleHasbro RRP £34.99
In The Night Garden – Talking Plush Assortment Hasbro RRP £14.95
My Friend Rupert Bear Martin Yaffe RRP £29.95
Peppa Pig Campervan Playset Character Options RRP £19.95
Roary R/C Car Vivid RRP £24.99
Thomas & Jeremy Airport Set Tomy RRP £39.95
V-Smile Learning System Vtech RRP £49.99

The post-lunch Christmas afternoon will fly by with this year’s Games selection. TV gameshows still feature heavily, and Drumond Park’s Family Fortunes game makes it into the Games Top 12. Tween favourite ‘High School Musical’ also makes an appearance with Hasbro’s Mystery Date game. Mattel’s Ratatouille Kitchen Quake is a high-energy fun fest to liven up Christmas parties. Old favourites get a new look with Monopoly Here & Now UK Edition and Game of Life Twists and Turns (both Hasbro).

Games Top 12 Toys for Christmas

20Q Handheld Radica RRP £8.99
Are You Smarter Than A 10 Year Old?Hasbro RRP £19.99
Eternity II Tomy RRP £34.95
Family Fortunes Drumond Park RRP £24.99
Game of Life Twists and Turns Hasbro RRP £29.95
Golden Balls Vivid RRP £19.99
High School Musical Mystery Date Hasbro RRP £14.95
Monopoly Here & Now UK Edition Hasbro RRP £19.99
Ratatouille Kitchen Quake Game Mattel RRP £19.99
Rubiks Revo Drumond Park RRP £14.99
Say What ? Radica RRP £24.99
Splashy the Whale Game Character Options RRP £14.95

The Hip ‘n’ Kool category, covering the latest must-haves for funky kids, is as exciting as ever. This Christmas will be getting off to a flying start as two brands go head to head with the latest indoor flight technology. Dragonfly by Character Options will be battling it out with Silverlit’s PicooZ R/C Helicopter for a space under the tree. There’s plenty in this category for girls as well, with the Pixel Chix Roomies House (Mattel) and the Girl Tech Video Journal (Radica) both Christmas must-haves for young fashionistas.

Hip ‘n’ Kool Top 12 Toys for Christmas

Amazing Lexie Mattel RRP £99.95
Barbie Girls Mattel RRP £49.99
Digi Makeover Radica RRP £59.95
Eye Clops Vivid Imaginations RRP £39.99
Flytech Dragonfly Character Options RRP £34.87
FurReal Squawkers McCaw Hasbro RRP £69.95
Girl Tech Video Journal Radica RRP £39.99
Nintendog Trick Trainers Tomy RRP £9.95
PicooZ R/C Helicopter Silverlit RRP £19.91
Pixel Chix Roomies House Mattel RRP £44.95
Tamagotchi Connexion Jinsei Plus (V4) Bandai RRP £12.95
U.B. Funkeys Radica RRP £19.99

The Creative Top 12 will be keeping minds and hands busy well into 2008 with a range of inspiring new play sets. Spinmaster’s Li’l Luvables Fluffy Factory and Tomy’s Cinderella Aquadraw are sure to be firm favourites with little girls, while Marvin’s Freaky Body Illusions (Marvin’s Magic) will be a hit with boys with a taste for the gruesome! The classic Crayola set returns in a new guise with the Crayola Illumination Station (Vivid Imaginations).

Creative Top 12 Toys for Christmas

Aqua Beads Flair Leisure RRP £14.95
Cinderella Aquadraw Tomy RRP £29.95
Cordz Flair Leisure RRP £19.95
Crayola Illumination Station Vivid Imaginations RRP £19.99
Dora the Explorer Draw & Drive Golden Bear RRP £24.99
Golden Coin Maker John Adams Toys RRP £14.95
GR8 Art Bindeez Super Deluxe Studio Centre Character Options RRP £19.95
GR8 Scrapheap Welder Character Options RRP £19.95
Li’l Luvables Fluffy Factory Spinmaster RRP £24.99
Marvin’s Freaky Body Illusions Marvin’s Magic Box RRP £24.95
Moon Sand Castle Spinmaster RRP £19.95
Super Grafix John Adams Toys RRP £19.95

The TRA revealed its predictions for the official Top Toys for Christmas at the Dream Toys 2007 media preview. This was held at St Mary’s Church, Bryanston Square, Wyndham Place, Marylebone London on 10 October 2007.

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