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All Star Buddies Kids Are Finally Allowed to Play Ball in the House

AllStarBuddies.Com Launches First Sports-Themed Virtual World Website For Children

Atlanta, GA (October 13, 2008) – It doesn’t really matter whether it’s rainy, snowy or sunny outside, for some goofy reason kids still want to kick soccer balls inside the house. And as much as we want our children to get the benefits of playing sports, doing so in the house is a “strike out” that leads to a “time out”... until now, that is. Thanks to AllStarBuddies.Com, an amazing new sports-themed virtual world website, kids can not only kick balls, but they can shoot pucks and score touchdowns in their bedrooms.

Founded by Caryn Burns and Cindy Prince, two moms with a passion for sports, fitness and their children, AllStarBuddies.Com is a safe, virtual “playground” for kids (ages 6+) where a healthy, positive lifestyle is reinforced through fun games, quests and social interaction. Using individual and multi-player games, children learn about problem-solving, goal setting, good sportsmanship, teamwork, fitness, good nutrition and environmental awareness – all while having a fun online experience that will keep them coming back for many “extra innings.”

Based in the fictional town of “Varsity Heights,” members receive a user id and password for their own, private account. Once registered, the first stop is in (where else?!) the “Locker Room” where they log in to the world and select one of seven sports-themed, animated characters as their onscreen persona, which can be changed as often as a child wants to. The “All Star Buddies” animated characters in Varsity Heights include:

    Chip, (the “Golf Buddy”)
    Blitz (the “Football Buddy”)
    Deuce (the “Tennis Buddy”)
    Striker (the “Soccer Buddy”)
    Ace (the “Baseball Buddy”)
    Swish (the “Basketball Buddy”)
    Deke (the “Hockey Buddy”)

Varsity Heights is a place where kids of all ages and skill levels come together on an equal playing field to have fun, compete and socialize. Adventures come to life through playing games that are familiar like kick ball and that they’ve never played before, and through learning about new and exciting topics. In Varsity Heights, every kid can be an “All Star!” no matter what their sports ability is in real life. Among the different “zones”, players will find various games and activities where they will compete for coins that can be cashed in at virtual stores like Fluff ‘n Stuff for customized features and accessories, such as a crazy orange faux hawk hairdo, silly eyes or a funny mouth.

Here are some of the cool places, games and activities offered on the website:

    Varsity Heights Stadium Games - Suit up and head straight to Varsity Heights Stadium to tackle great sports-themed games featuring All Star Buddies like Blitz’s Fumble Rumble, Striker’s Breakaway Invasion, and Deke’s Ice Block Rock.

    The Arcade - Race over to the Arcade and challenge your friends to classic arcade-style games or enjoy the silliness that happens when you over-indulge on junk-food snacks, just like in real life. In Varsity Heights, though, you can learn the lesson of how bad junk food makes you feel without suffering through a stomach ache!

    School Zone - Your brain is like a muscle that always needs strengthening. Head over to the School Zone and let Ms. Applebee test your brain power with games and activities like “Math Splash” and “Animation Station.” (Since kids may be a little reluctant to visit School after real school, the site’s designer moms will offer bonuses, extra coins and other incentives for stopping by for a little learnin’.) Visit the playground next door to play kick ball and watch your character climb up and slide down the slide.

Soon, additional features like quests, more fun games through Varsity Heights and added customization features will be added to the site. The team behind the site’s development are constantly innovating and investing in the site to make it better and more fun, so check back frequently to see what’s been added!

In addition the intelligent fun designed into the website’s activities, the animated look and feel of AllStarBuddies.Com is so colorful, so fun and so kid-friendly that after visiting you’ll wonder why it hasn’t become a show on PBS or The Disney Channel. Clearly designed by people who understand how children like to play, AllStarBuddies.Com has more places to visit and more things to do than you could ever imagine.

“There was an obvious gap online between websites that were educational and websites that were purely entertaining,” said Cindy Prince, Co-Founder of PB Kidz Corp, the parent company of All Star Buddies. “There seemed to be a real opportunity to bridge that gap and create a virtual world that would teach some important life lessons in a fun and compelling way. Sports has such universal appeal it seemed like the perfect solution to engage and entertain kids online and motivate kids to be active offline.”

Kids spend more time indoors watching TV, playing video games and on the Internet than ever before. The New York Times reported this month that “a dismaying 32 percent of young people aged 2 through 19 were still judged overweight or obese.” Not only are kids spending an increasing amount of time inside and idle, but the messages they are receiving on TV and the Internet are not promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

“There are so many great ways to create fun and teach important lessons using the sports theme. Sports also set the stage for fun competitions, games, activities and adventures,” said Caryn Burns, Co-Founder. “But most importantly, the fun doesn’t stop when a child logs off the site. It is our hope that kids will pick up a football or a tennis racket after signing off of AllStarBuddies.Com and continue the action outdoors with a parent or friend.”

In addition to bonding with the online characters, children can collect the seven All Star Buddies plush toys which are available for purchase at selected specialty toy and gift stores. Each high-quality, plush character comes with a unique, promotional code that children can enter online to receive extra privileges in Varsity Heights. Can you say, “Play Ball?!”

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About PB Kidz
Mothers Caryn Burns and Cindy Prince created All Star Buddies from the two things they knew best, kids and sports. Each comes from different career backgrounds: Caryn, the buyer and merchandiser of a family-run pharmacy; and Cindy, a CSW specializing in counseling adolescents and families. Together, they combined their knowledge and enthusiasm to create All Star Buddies, a series of interactive based plush toys that teach kids real-life lessons and healthy living in a fun and imaginative way.