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Nana Star Dr. Toy Adds a Twinkle to the Best Picks for 2008 with Nana Star Doll, Book and Audio CD

Story’s Traditional Values of Kindness, Compassion & Generosity Makes This The Best of the Year

Fairfax, VA (October 13, 2008)-- With holiday shopping just around the corner, advice from a doctor on what are the best products for children would sure come in handy. Happily, expert guidance is just a click away as Dr. Toy, aka Stevanne Auerbach, PhD., announces the Best Picks for 2008 at

She must have had a twinkle in her eye when she chose one storybook above all others, Nana Star. Dr. Toy named the ee Publishing & Productions book with its audio CD and accompanying doll as a Best Pick for its engaging characters, vintage-inspired illustrations and old-fashioned values.

Sisters Elizabeth Sills and Elena Patrice co-founded ee Publishing & Productions as a “laugh-friendly company” to accurately reflect their philosophy of business and of life. Their Nana Star books and accessories have been racking up awards since its launch including: Dr. Toy’s 100 Best 2008, The Toy Man 2008 Seal of Approval, iParenting 2008 Outstanding Products Award, Mr. Dad Seal of Approval, Mom’s Choice Award and others.

“Many people think play is trivial,” stated Dr. Toy, “but it isn’t. Play is vital for the developing mind because it allows children to extend their imagination, resourcefulness, social interaction, problemsolving skills and resilience.”

Resilience is a theme throughout Nana Star. Here’s Dr. Toy’s description of the Nana Star Doll & Book with Audio CD as The Best Pick For 2008: Nana Star doll is a plush character doll carrying Baby Star on a branch, just like in the story. Nana Star measures approximately 16”; Baby Star 4” in length and fastens by Velcro to the branch and attaches to Nana Star’s arm like a bracelet. The book has a more old-fashioned feel in order to promote traditional values such as kindness, generosity and compassion. At the same time they wanted to remind children of how special and loved they are, no matter what.

The creators hope that the stories cultivate young imaginations and inspire character all at the same time!

Each Nana Star book includes an accompanying audio CD with the storybook and a sing-along song. To make the book a little more interactive, the authors have included a spelling mistake in each book and encourage readers to find it and send them a postcard with the correction.

Children are then eligible to receive an 8x10 photo of the Nana Star costumed character and become an honorary member of the Nana Star Little Twinkles Club.

The Club is expanded on its website,, where language arts activities for emerging readers are offered. The first in the series of two hardback books, Nana Star and second in a series, Nana Star and the Moonman. The books’ vintage-inspired illustrations have been drawn lovingly by Elena’s and Elizabeth’s mother (daughter of Nana) Linda Saker. Each story features engaging characters and old-fashioned values that make Nana Star a grand new classic for children.

Currently, young readers can enjoy two hardback books, Nana Star and Nana Star and the Moonman. Moonman was recently named to Dr. Toy’s Top 10 Best Language/Learning/Math & Reading Readiness product list, part of the 2008 Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children’s Products list.

The Nana Star series is geared to children 3 to 8 years old. The award-winning book, doll and audio CD gift set retails for $35.95

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About ee Publishing & Productions
ee Publishing & Productions believe that the simple story of Nana Star will be a success in today’s society where it is hard for children to find appropriate role models. They also believe that parents will welcome a return to simpler, nostalgic times -- helping families recapture a little calm in a hectic world. For more information on the business, visit, or to learn about its Nana Star products, click on