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Chatter Chix Dr. Toys Taps Chatterchix™ As Her Best Picks for 2008 Knowing Girls Want to Collect Cards Too

Dunedin, FL (October 14, 2008) – Chatterchix™, those glossy collectible cards that showcase the diversity and personalities of American girl power, just received their biggest boost from the ultimate girl in the toy business, Dr. Toy. Chatterchix has been named Best Picks for 2008, a new feature by Stevanne Auerbach, PhD. (aka Dr. Toy) who has been evaluating children’s products for more than 25 years.

The Chatterchix trading-card-collector is every girl and any girl aged 5 to 12 that embodies the timeless values of respect, responsibility and friendship. There’s Charity from California who spends her free time surfing and hanging out at the beach, Hope from Kansas who has a fish named Gala swimming in her bedroom aquarium and Sammy from Minnesota who’s a whiz at scrapbooking when not playing with her cat, Bonkers.

Dr. Toy writes on her website:

Chatterchix trading cards come in packs of 6 mystery cards with rare cards like Emily from Florida, found in one of every 8 packs. So far the company has produced 25 ChatterChik state cards and 10 ChatterPet cards. New trading cards will be released soon. Every ChatterChik represents a different U.S. state and comes to life through her unique bio, appearance, personality and lifestyle. With distinct rhyming bios, the ChatterPet cards are just as fun.

Dr. Toy created the Best Picks list so parents and teachers would “have additional and timely guidance in finding and selecting the best toys and learning products that fit a variety of types of skills for each age.”

Beyond the planned 50 ChatterChik trading cards – depicting one girl from each state -- are ChatterPet™ cards and a lively website ( that offers diary entries, weekly chatter topics and educational activities to get a girl through the day (and night of homework).

Currently available are:

  • ChatterChik Trading Cards • $2.99 per pack –collect a Chatterchik and pet from each state!
  • Chatterchix Trading Cards Binder • $14.95 -- showcase and store cards at home or on-the-go.
  • Chatterchix Starter Set (Includes a binder & three sets of cards) • $19.99

For more information on the life of a Chatterchik girl, click on their interactive website at

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