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Hyper Jump: Good for the Body, Good for the Mind. New game gets kids thinking and moving

Hyper Jump (SAN FRANCISCO, Fall/Holiday 2008) – Hyper Jump is a new game that keeps minds sharp and bodies moving. A successor to Wild Planet’s award-winning Hyper Dash, Hyper Jump increases the activity level by removing the electronic joystick and having kids use their bodies to tag targets by bending, stretching, hopping and jumping.

The live-action game is played on the floor, indoors or out, and doesn’t require a video screen or electrical outlet. The saucer-sized base unit has a different colored and numbered pod connected to each of its four corners. The base houses a microchip and speaker that calls out commands instructing players to jump on various pods in the fastest time possible. Lively music and encouraging phrases, as well as a declaration of who won and each player’s score, keep the game upbeat and positive.

Hyper Jump can be played solo, in pairs or in teams, cooperatively or competitively. Team mode accommodates up to eight players, making the game a social experience ideal for playgrounds and parties. The game offers varying levels of difficulty, starting with simple color and number recognition and advancing to sequential, memory and basic math exercises.

Beginning levels call out colors and numbers. As players improve, the commands become more challenging. Numbers escalate from single to double, then triple digits. A “five hundred twenty-three” call-out requires pressing the number 5, number 2 and number 3 pods, either simultaneously (with two feet and a hand), or in quick succession via fancy footwork.

“Double Jump” means tag the same target twice. “Reverse” requires kids to remember and re-touch the previous pod. “Compu Jump” incorporates addition and subtraction as players jump on the sum or difference of the numbers called out. “Crisscross” asks you to form an “X” by jumping on diagonal targets in both directions, and “Hyper Jump” demands that all five pods be tagged in numeric order. Audio alerts let kids know if they’ve landed on an incorrect pod and the command is repeated until the proper target is tagged.

Hyper Jump™: an indoor/outdoor active game that keeps minds sharp and bodies moving
Recommended Age: 6+ / # of Players: 1-8 / Available: Fall/Holiday 2008
MSRP: $24.99 mass - $36.99 specialty, including

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