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Spy Trackdown Combines Technology, Strategy and Role Play for a Suspenseful Secret Agent Experience

Spy Trackdown (SAN FRANCISCO, Fall/Holiday 2008) – Say good-bye to dice and spinners, this isn’t your grandmother’s board game. Technology is entering the game aisle, and it’s not just tech for tech’s sake. The incorporation of the Spy Phone in the new strategic game Spy Trackdown is purposeful and significantly enhances the secret agent experience.

Imagine yourself as a spy on a mission to save the world from an evil mastermind. You travel by helicopter, jet, boat and motorcycle across six continents to scour 52 cities in search of the enemy. You hear your name called out through the speaker on the Spy Phone and are instructed to pick up to receive a private message.

The Spy Phone tracks your every move and knows where you are in relation to the mastermind. It customizes your messages to help lead you closer to the enemy. It does the same for your opponents, keeping track of each player’s whereabouts and their distance from victory. The phone also delivers public messages to help level the playing field.

Players learn world geography, practice deductive reasoning and rely on strategic thinking, memory and listening skills to get ahead. Close observation of other spies’ actions reveal clues that only the most astute players will catch. Cunning moves throw your opponents off track.

Over the course of the game (which can be completed in less than one hour) multiple players may figure out where the mastermind is hiding, but only one will succeed in capturing him. Though the game is high-tech, players need not be tech-savvy. The Spy Phone has just three buttons and is easy to operate, so Mom and Dad can play too.

Spy Trackdown™: A high-tech strategic board game that delivers messages via a spy phone (included)
Recommended Age: 8+ / # of Players: 2-4 / Available: Fall/Holiday 2008
MSRP: $24.99 mass - $39.99 specialty, including

Also Available:

Spy Wire™: A puzzle game in which players race against the clock to deactivate their opponent’s fuses
Recommended Age: 7+ / # of Players: 2 / Available: Fall/Holiday 2008
MSRP: $16.99 mass - $24.99 specialty, including

Players strategically slide tiles to make connections between their defuser and their opponent’s pegs. Each player has nine decoy pegs and three detonator pegs. The goal is to collect all three of your opponent’s detonators as quickly as possible.

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