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That Was E-Z, Thought Dr. Toy, As She Picked the 1st Slot for Her Best 100 List

Portland, OR (October 21, 2010) – In baseball terms, what’s better than batting a home run? That’s easy – a grand slam! Hitting one out of the park and bringing everyone home is extremely hard to do but ohso- satisfying when you do. That’s the feeling within Monkey Business Sports™ this month when they learned that Dr. Toy named their E-Z Bat as her #1 toy among her 10 Best Toys and 2010 Best 100 products! Adding to the accolades of E-Z Bat was a top honor in September from the Mr. Dad and GreatDad Recommends joint competitions!

Auerbach, PhD., aka Dr. Toy, as she confirmed that E-Z Bat listed first on her Best 100 roster, “and this is an excellent one!” The E-Z Bat by Monkey Business Sports™ -- the get-up-and-play toy company – was one of several new products introduced this fall. The company’s goal is to get children active, engaged, and having old-fashioned fun. The toy maker readily admits that it designs and chooses products with which grownups have as much fun as the kids!

“This is an exciting new product that helps kids with coordination,” wrote Dr. Toy as her team reviewed hundreds of children’s items for a slot on her prestigious 2010 Best 100 Products list. “With this bat, young ball players can experience the wow factor of hitting a home run or a big hit with a simple swing.

Just load up the Stopper and Ball and give it a swing! We know how frustrating it is for dads to pitch/retrieve many times over before the first hit. Dads give up too! This bat helps youngsters enjoy the baseball experience. As Dads work with their kids on learning to swing with the bat, they can easily move on to the Pitch & Hit by simply removing the Stopper.”

The E-Z Bat The judges at another industry contest, Mr. Dad Seal of Approval and GreatDad Recommends, readily agreed. They awarded the E-Z Bat their September 2010 top honor. Their awards programs recognize products and services that give men the tools and information they need to be the fathers they want to be and that their families need them to be.

“The E-Z Bat makes it easier for kids to hit the ball,” wrote the Dads in their review. “Good for developing confidence, but also more fun for dad. If you've ever spent a half hour tossing un-hit pitches and chasing balls that are behind your child, E-Z Bat is a good option for a more fun-filled practice session, until they get old enough to hit the ball.”

E-Z Bat™ • Ages 2 – 7 • $15.99
Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Toys for 2010 Dr. Toy’s 2010 Best 100 Products September 2010 Mr. Dad Seal of Approval and GreatDad Recommends Invented by a grandpa, the E-Z Bat is a terrific learning toy and gentle introduction to "swinging" a baseball bat. The E-Z Bat is a great new way for youngsters to enjoy the baseball experience.

Simply swing and watch the E-Z Ball™ fly. Kids earn a home run every time! The E-Z Stopper™ is removable and the E-Z Bat can be used to hit pitched balls too. Kids just give it a swing and start to smile at their newfound skill.

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