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The Saga Continues This Holiday Season with Hasbro's Expanding Galaxy of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith Toys and Games
Spud Trooper

PAWTUCKET, R.I. --(Business Wire)-- Oct. 26, 2005 This holiday season, Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE:HAS) is transporting kids and Star Wars fans of all ages back to "a galaxy far, far away" with its expanded line-up of Star Wars: Episode III toys and games, including many new items for the fall.

New for the Star Wars 2005 holiday line is the Star Wars ULTIMATE LIGHTSABER, where kids can build their very own lightsaber to fight as a Jedi Knight or an evil Sith Lord. The new M-PIRE plush and collectible figures combine a kids' candy favorite, M&Ms, with well-known Star Wars movie characters, featuring plush offerings like "Yellow" as Darth Vader and "Red" as Anakin Skywalker. SPUDTROOPER, a great stocking stuffer and the newest in Star Wars-themed MR. POTATO HEAD, will also be introduced as a follow-up to DARTH TATER, giving kids another potato body to adorn with trooper helmets, masks and arms.

Also new for holiday 2005 is the unique Star Wars ULTIMATE DARTH VADER KIT that will let kids become the infamous evil villain. The kit includes the wildly popular DARTH VADER VOICE CHANGER (named one of the top ten toys in the 2005 Family Fun Magazine Toy of the Year awards), a Darth Vader electronic lightsaber, and a cape so that kids can have Star Wars fun long after Halloween.

Highlights of new toys and games from Hasbro's Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith line include:

    (Approximate Retail Price: $34.99, Recommended Age: 6 & up)
    The final step in becoming a Jedi Knight is for a Jedi to build their very own electronic lightsaber. Now kids can choose their destiny by building their own ULTIMATE LIGHTSABER, as they decide whether to fight as a Jedi Knight or to join the Dark Lords of the Sith. Kids can customize their lightsabers with different blades, colors, and crystals to create their own unique lightsaber. The kit includes a hilt, two blades, two emitters, one light bulb, three power crystals, filters, hilt sleeves and caps, adapters and sleeve rings which allow kids to build over 1000 combinations.

    M-Pire Star Wars M-PIRE
    (Approximate Retail Price: $6.99)
    Since 1977, fans have been enjoying M&M's chocolate candies while watching their favorite Star Wars movie. Hasbro, Inc. and Masterfoods, USA has brought that perfect combination "to life" with the Star Wars M-PIRE line, which features some of the favorite heroes and villains from the galactic saga ... M-PIRE includes 16 plush characters such as "Yellow" as Darth Vader and "Red" as Anakin, and eight two-pack collectibles such as a "Yellow" as Chewbacca and "Blue" as Mace Windu.

    (Approximate Retail Price: $7.99, Recommended Age: 2 & up)
    SPUDTROOPER is the newest MR. POTATO HEAD that kids can dress up as a fun Star Wars character. The perfect companion to DARTH TATER, kids can dress up this potato, but this time as a stormtrooper. Equipped with a laser masher and spud armor accessories to save their skins, the mighty SPUDTROOPERS have sworn their allegiance to DARTH TATER. SPUDTROOPER comes complete with pieces that fit anywhere on the potato body, including a SPUDTROOPER helmet, a SPUDTROOPER mask, a laser masher, a set of teeth, nose, ears, eyes and SPUDTROOPER shoes and arms.

    (Approximate Retail Price: $49.99, Recommended Age: 5 & up)
    Who do you want to be when you grow up? Fireman? Police Chief? Terrifying Sith Lord? The new Star Wars Ultimate Darth Vader Kit includes everything kids need to look and sound just like Darth Vader, including a DARTH VADER VOICE CHANGER, electronic lightsaber and a Darth Vader cape. Kids can put on last holiday season's popular DARTH VADER VOICE CHANGER to sound exactly like the famous black-armored villain. The voice changer has three main modes: one changes kids' own voices, another plays five of the most popular phrases from the Star Wars movies and yet another plays the ominous Darth Vader breathing sound. After changing voices, kids can then dress the part, as they put on their Darth Vader cape and pick up their lightsaber to strike fear into the hearts of Jedi Knights everywhere.

Continuing favorites in Hasbro's line include:
    (Approximate Retail: $49.99, Recommended Age: 8 & up)
    The Star Wars saga comes to life in your living room with Hasbro Games' Star Wars LIGHTSABER BATTLE Game. In the battle against the dark side, players are equipped with the power of a wireless lightsaber as they advance through the game and practice their favorite Jedi moves all on their TV screen. Battle against all your favorite Jedi and Sith with a climactic confrontation against the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, Darth Vader. No video game system is required; players can simply plug the main unit straight into the T.V. and prepare for battle. Players can compete against their own score or that of an opponent.

    (Approximate Retail Price: $5.99 - $9.99, Recommended Age: 6 & up)
    Star Wars ATTACKTIX is the revolutionary new battle figure game where kids compete with one simple goal: to be the last one standing! Only ATTACKTIX combines the crash-and-bash fun of action figures with the competition, strategy and collectability of trading card games. ATTACKTIX is easy to learn, but difficult to master. This fall, each of the 38 ATTACKTIX characters have all new powers, including 23 new figures! With no game board or dice, ATTACKTIX can be played anywhere, anytime. Each figure stands on a patented game base that features all of the game play information needed. The innovative movement system enables kids to move their figures in numerous combinations providing for enhanced strategy and a new game each time they play. Also, multiple strategy levels are built in to vary play even further.

    Star Wars MINIATURES Revenge of the Sith STARTER GAME
    (Approximate Retail Price: Starter Set $24.99; Boosters $12.99; Also, Universe Huge Pack $19.99)
    The successful Star Wars MINIATURES game expanded to include the last episode of the Star Wars saga. Star Wars MINIATURES Revenge of the Sith starter game comes with a newly designed game board, providing a more authentic-feeling setting for battles between the available 60 unique, collectible creatures and characters. Also available, Star Wars MINIATURES UNIVERSE pack, which will feature legendary characters from the entire Star Wars universe--including new huge figures that will tower over the battlefield.

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