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Bandai America's Ben 10 Creates an Alien Invasion at Retail With Popular Action Figures & Role-Play Toys
Dynamic Toy Line From Bandai America Flying Off Retailer Shelves Since Summer Debut; Brand Launches Fun Interactive "Behind-the-Scenes" Web Site at

CYPRESS, CA --(Business Wire)-- Nov. 8, 2006 From the creators of the Power Rangers toy line - one of the most successful action figure brands of all time - comes the new Ben 10 lineup from innovator Bandai America Inc. Based on the popular Cartoon Network series, these one-of-a-kind action figures, role-play and other toys have quickly become the next big thing among young boys who love reliving the fun alien adventures of one very cool 10-year-old boy.

A testament to its initial success, Bandai America's toy line has been experiencing tremendous retail sell-through since its launch this past summer. In fact, it debuted as one of the top 10 action figure properties during the month of August, according to market information company The NPD Group (based on dollar volume in the Action Figures & Accessories Supercategory).

"When we first saw Ben 10, we knew it was a great opportunity to design something new and different for the action figure category," said Michael Riley, vice president of marketing, Bandai America. "With our strength in both action figures and role-play, we've created a fresh way for boys to play out the adventures that they see on their favorite Cartoon Network series -- and the response from fans has been nothing short of spectacular."

"Cartoon Network and Bandai America have taken the action and adventure that the Ben 10 series is known for and created toys that bring the excitement of the show to life for our fans," said Christina Miller, vice president of U.S. consumer products for Cartoon Network Enterprises, the network's global merchandising and licensing division. "We're very happy with the reception the toys are getting from consumers."

Following the stellar retail launch, Bandai America is now debuting a unique Web site to support its toy line. The site, accessed via, features a behind-the-scenes look at the inspiration for the toys, exclusive interviews with the show's director of development Tramm Wigzell and supervising producer Alex Soto, alien character biographies, games and downloads.

In addition, kids can see all the Ben 10 toys up close in a cool, three-dimensional display that highlights the "Omnitrix," the alien device that has permanently attached itself to Ben and transforms him into all the different heroes so he can save the day using extraordinary powers.

Just in time to top holiday wish lists, Bandai America's lineup features:

  • Deluxe Playset: Although an exact replica of Grandpa Max's "Rust Bucket," this is not your everyday RV as it opens up to reveal an Alien Laboratory where kids can conduct their own experiments. The included supplies allow you to create your own miniature figures using reusable clay and character molds. Add water to the beaker and drop in the 2 Transforming Alien Rocks to see which 1" translucent character will appear after the DNA has oozed off. Comes with 3 exclusive animation disks which can be viewed with the alien viewer shaped like a microscope (SRP $29.99).

  • Role-play: The awesome Omnitrix F/X role-play toy can be worn on the wrist - mimicking the same device that's permanently attached to our favorite hero Ben - and features red and green flashing lights, as well as sound effects directly from the show. Turn the dial, select your character and slam down on the face to launch your alien DNA transformation (SRP $14.99).

  • Metamorfigures: These 8" figures - a Toy Wishes Magazine 2006 Holiday All Star - start off as alien characters, but transform into cool mini role-play toys like a real working flashlight, binoculars and squirt gun (SRP $12.99).

  • DNA Alien Heroes: Reminiscent of the DNA that fuses into Ben's body from the Omnitrix, these 6" figures ooze DNA slime bubbles from their bodies. Each figure also comes with an additional action feature (SRP $8.99).

  • Alien Collection: The 4" figure collection features all of the 10 aliens that Ben can transform into via his Omnitrix. Each figure comes with a collectible lenticular card, created for Bandai America by Cartoon Network, as well as an exclusive animation disk of 8 cels from the show that depict Ben in transformation (SRP $4.99).

  • Transforming Alien Rocks: Dissolve them in water to reveal a translucent miniature 1" alien figure hidden inside. Comes in packs of 2 characters each (SRP $4.99).

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