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Animals Evolve Before Kids' Eyes With New Product From Charlie's Playhouse

See It Evolve: From FINS to LIMBS First Book in the “See It Evolve” Flip Book Series Now Available

Pawtucket, RI (November 17, 2009) – Evolution is a complicated subject to comprehend, especially if you happen to be age four. To help kids grasp evolution, Charlie’s Playhouse has created a simple, new and scientifically accurate way to show 80 million years of evolution in a few seconds. The company’s fun, kid-sized flip book “See It Evolve: From FINS to LIMBS,” presents kids with cartoon animals showing the transition from swimming fish to walking land creature. As kids flip quickly through the book using their thumb, they create a quick “movie” of this major evolutionary event.

“See It Evolve: From FINS to LIMBS” presents this evolutionary journey through five carefully selected animals from the fossil record. First is the fish Panderichthys (pronounced pan-dare-ICK-thees, but lovingly nicknamed “Pan”) followed by Ticktaalik (tick-TAH-lick or “Ticky,”) Ichthyostega (ick-thee-oh-STEG-ah or “Icky,”) and Pederpes (ped-UR-pees or “Pedee.”) With each new creature, kids can easily see the gradual development of wrists, fingers, and stronger backbones as well as the movement from water habitat to land. Finally Eryops (AIR-yops or “Yoppie”) appears, a four-legged and fully land-based animal. All five are clearly labeled and drawn in a fun, kid-friendly style as they move around their ancient habitats.

Children enjoy watching the fun cartoon characters transform from fish to land creature in a matter of seconds. For the first time, kids are able to see a visual representation of evolution that’s simple and easy to comprehend. As they flip through the book, they see that small changes over a long period of time lead to major transformations! For a variation, kids can also make “Yoppie” devolve into “Pan” by flipping the book the other way.

See It Evolve: From FINS to LIMBS • $4
Flip through this parade of five real-life critters as they evolve over 80 million years from fish to land creature. Watch as fins transform into limbs, backbones strengthen, and lungs replace gills! Last page of the flip book contains descriptions for each of the five creatures.

The book is the first in the “See It Evolve” Series. Each flip book in the series will be based on real life evolutionary examples. Look for additional titles in 2010, including dinosaur to bird and reptile to mammal.

To learn more about evolution toys for kids visit USA, LLC

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Rhode Island-based Charlie’s Playhouse LLC makes the first-ever games and toys that teach children about evolution, natural selection and Charles Darwin. The company was founded by scientist and mom Kate Miller, PhD, after she was unable to find fun, educational products for her two young sons that addressed evolution.

Dr. Miller is a consultant to the Evolution Readiness Project at Concord Consortium in Concord, MA. Funded by the National Science Foundation, the project is creating a computer-based curriculum to teach fourth graders about evolution, to be tested in a dozen schools in MA, TX and MO.

Prior to founding Charlie’s Playhouse, Dr. Miller researched women’s reproductive health in sub-Saharan Africa and the United States. She holds a Ph.D. in demography from the University of Pennsylvania and a Masters of Public Health from Columbia University. Visit for more information.