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Mahjong Game Redesigned for Today's Generation

Mahjong Junior

The Chinese cult-classic game of Mahjong has been redesigned and revised to appeal to today’s time restricted and sleek x-generation.

The traditional game of Mahjong takes about 30 minutes to an hour to play and requires four players. The century old game has tiles that are usually plain ivory in color with traditional symbols that don’t fit today’s times. With our busy lifestyles, we are often challenged to find large blocks of time, the interest to play such a complicated game, or have less than four players in a room. These were some of the challenges Mahjong Junior aimed to conquer in its redesign.

The new game release is the first of its kind in the United States, and was inspired by the classic Chinese game, but given a modern twist. The bright yellow game tile graphics are anime-inspired symbols, meant to keep today’s youth interested.

The game is super “cool” for kids and teens, and challenging enough to be played by adults and seniors. It is an opportunity to reconnect families and generations of all age gaps as there is no reading or previous Mahjong experience required. Not only that, but it is a teaching method for the more complicated Chinese version still played throughout the world. It is based on the same strategy and rules as the real game, and provides a foundation to play the more traditional game.

The game is currently available on the internet, and expected to ship the first week in December or sooner, just in time for the holidays. The future of Mahjong Junior is wide open, as something old often becomes something new.

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