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Power Rangers ``Get Powerized'' for the Holidays
New Wish List Feature on Newly Launched Web Site; New Site Offers Interactive User-Friendly Features for Fans of All Ages

Power Rangers CYPRESS, Calif. --(Business Wire)-- Nov. 29, 2005 Just in time for the holidays, Bandai America Incorporated launches a brand new interactive Web site for its most popular brand, Power Rangers --

The dynamic new site offers a variety of features that enable visitors to generate gift wish lists to send to Santa, friends and family, see the Power Rangers toys in 3-D as they morph from mode to mode with just a click of the mouse, and view streaming video of Power Rangers television commercials. "" also links to Disney's "" site and vice versa, further showcasing the unique synergy between the toy line and the television series.

With more than a half million hits since launching, "" is already receiving a lot of attention from Power Rangers fans.

"The new 'Get Powerized' Web site is the destination for fans to interact with Power Rangers toys," said Matt Golding, director of marketing for Bandai America. "New for the holidays, kids can build their customized wish lists of their favorite Power Rangers toys and then e-mail it or print it out to give to parents, family and friends."

In 2005, Bandai America introduced Power Rangers Space Patrol Delta (SPD), a dynamic new theme that fuses the teamwork and heroism of the police force with the action and adventure known to the Power Rangers brand. Now, by using the new wish list feature on "," Power Rangers fans can request some of the hottest Power Rangers SPD toys for the holidays with just a click of a button:

  • Power Rangers SPD Supreme Megazords: Power Rangers Megazords are better than ever! The new Supreme Megazord is comprised of five vehicles and features lights and motion-activated sounds. This Megazord transforms into a cool role-play weapon, with lights and firing sounds that are activated by pressing the trigger. In addition, the Delta Squad Megazord is comprised of five SPD vehicles and features lights and sounds. The Omega Max Megazord transforms into a giant motorcycle for cool morphing fun. Insert the Delta Squad Megazord into the driver's seat of the Omega Max Megazord for motorcycle riding action. Combine the two to form the Delta Max Megazord for even bigger action! Suggested retail price: $39.99. Ages four and up.
  • Power Rangers SPD Patrol Cycles: Awesome collectibles! The SPD Patrol Cycles come in two styles that can be combined together to create the powerful Super Nova Cycle. A 5" action figure is included with each Cycle. Suggested retail price: $10.99. Ages four and up.
  • Power Rangers Uni-Force Cycles: Morph your cycles. Three styles of the Uni-Force Cycles can morph with any of the SPD Patrol Cycles to create an even bigger vehicle. Each Uni-Force Cycle includes a 5" action figure. Suggested retail price: $10.99. Ages four and up.
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Also coming soon to "" will be the Power Rangers Family Activities Page. This new creation will get the entire family involved in Power Rangers-themed activities, offering new ideas throughout the year. Planned activities include: Create & Construct Your Own Megazord, Family Fitness Fun, Spring Clean-up the Power Rangers Way and more.

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About Power Rangers
Over the past thirteen years, the Power Rangers have been on Earth, in space, on the moon, under water, traveling through time, in the jungle and anywhere evil lurks. They've battled Rita Repulsa, Divatox, Master Org, Dark Spector, Toxica, Jindrax and many more evil-doers -- villains who have been shrunk to miniatures, tossed in jail, reduced to ooze or banished. Over time, the brand has maintained its themes of teamwork, honesty, loyalty, courage, family, friends and above all, the victory of good over evil. With a far greater reach than any other kids TV franchise, Power Rangers is currently seen in 29 timeslots each week; mornings and evenings during the JETIX action/adventure block on ABC Family and Toon Disney and on the ABC Television Network every Saturday morning. The brand has established its ubiquity by introducing such words as "Zord," "Megazord" and "Morpher" into the modern lexicon.
About Bandai America Incorporated
A leader in introducing Japanese trends to the United States, Bandai America Incorporated is a subsidiary of Bandai Co. Ltd., the third largest toy company in the world. With 30 subsidiaries in 13 countries worldwide, global interests include toys and children's entertainment, video game software, multimedia, music, full-length feature films, vending machines, trading cards and miniature collectible games, and candies. Bandai America is the master toy licensee of some of the most popular properties and brands in children's toys and entertainment, including Power Rangers, Teen Titans, Magical DoReMi and Tamagotchi. The company is headquartered in Cypress, Calif., and information is available at