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Bring Hollywood Home This Holiday Season With Movie/TV Collectibles & Action Figures From

Edward Cullen Twiligh Doll

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. --(Business Wire)-- Dec 11, 2008 Offering an ever-expanding selection of over 6,500 licensed products, ranging from popular toy and gift items to high-end limited edition pieces and hard-to-find or exclusive collectibles, Entertainment Earth is nothing less than heaven on earth for serious and aspiring pop culture collectors alike. No wonder thousands of consumers keep coming back time and time again and no wonder so many are selecting these fun and nostalgic items as unique gifts this holiday season.

As it happens, serious collectors aren’t the only ones responsible for Entertainment Earth’s popularity. Just as movies like “Spider-Man” have redefined comic books for huge mainstream audiences, Entertainment Earth has helped redefine what it means to be a collector “geek” in the 21st Century. Today’s collectors, in fact, are as likely to be middle-aged, high-income professionals revisiting their favorite childhood movie or TV show as they are teenagers or men in the 20’s. Perhaps even more surprising, Entertainment Earth has become a frequent online destination of choice for women as well.

What’s more, Entertainment Earth – which recently launched a separate entity called Bif Bang Pow! to create and merchandise exclusive studio tie-in products such as a highly popular line of “The Big Lebowski” collectibles – owes a significant percentage of its sales to non-collectors. These are consumers either looking for a feel-good, forget-the-real-world-for-a-few-minutes showpiece for their home or office, or are seeking a unique gift for a friend or loved one with a fondness for anything from Betty Boop to Led Zeppelin, from Alvin & The Chipmunks to “Starship Troopers,” or from Gumby to “Iron Man.”

As CEO and co-founder Aaron Labowitz puts it, “I think consumers keep returning to Entertainment Earth because we are, in a way, like a small version of Hollywood itself - an online multiplex where epic adventures, raucous comedies, timeless classics, nail-biting thrillers, romantic tear-jerkers, and childhood fantasies are always playing 24/7.”

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About Entertainment Earth
Bring Hollywood home with Entertainment Earth (, a worldwide multi-channel retailer and wholesaler of action figures, toys, gifts, and collectibles. Founded 1996 and based in Hollywood, California, Entertainment Earth offers over 6,500 licensed products and has pioneered best practices in the industry with innovations such as a mint-condition guarantee, risk-free shopping, and hassle-free 90-day returns.