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Pokèmon™ Black Version and Pokèmon White

The upcoming Pokèmon™ Black Version and Pokèmon White Version games for the Nintendo DS™ family of systems feature more than 150 never-before-seen-Pokèmon™. No matter which version players choose, they're sure to have fun with an array of expanded features for taking their Pokèmon into battle, either in the game's main adventure, or head-to-head against friends.

Triple Battles debut in Pokèmon Black Version and Pokèmon White Version, giving players more ways than ever to battle their customized team of Pokèmon. Conducted in three-on-three format, Triple Battles introduce even more strategy to the game's already deep battle system. Depending on a Pokèmon's placement in the battle lineup, it will only be able to attack certain Pokèmon from an opponent's trio, providing an exciting new way to battle. For example, a Pokèmon in the center of a player's lineup can attack any of its three opponents. However, a Pokèmon positioned on the left or right of the formation can only attack the Pokèmon in the middle of the opposing lineup, or directly in front of it.

The new C-Gear device in Pokèmon Black Version and Pokèmon White Version gives players an easier way to battle with others, and multiple ways of interacting with friends. Using IR Communication that's built into the game card, players can quickly connect with friends to battle and trade Pokèmon faster than ever before. Even exchanging Friend Codes is easier, with only a tap of the stylus needed to add them to your list. C-Gear also grants players a variety of game play and communication tools that utilize a local wireless connection and the Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection service (broadband Internet access required). Players have the option to always utilize the C-Gear while playing, allowing for instant access to other players around them - even displaying what nearby players are doing in the game.

Another new feature in Pokèmon Black Version and Pokèmon White Version is the Wi-Fi Random Matchup, which allows players to battle others from around the world over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service without needing to exchange Friend Codes, opening up even more opportunities for players to test their teams in battle.

Pokèmon Black Version and Pokèmon White Version will launch on March 6 and are now available for pre-order from major retailers throughout North America for a suggested retail price of $34.99 each. A deposit may be required for pre-orders. See individual retailers for details.

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