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The Adventure Begins With Launch of the Jacabee Code™

Jacabee Code™

Atlanta (February 13, 2009) – The quest to crack the “Jacabee Code” is on, with the launch of the beta version of the Jacabee website February 13. Players can now log onto and begin their journey through the historically-themed adventure series.

The Jacabee Code™, created by Jacabee, Inc., is an immersive online experience for children ages 6- 12. The game incorporates a world of symbols, clues and a secret language that takes players on an adventure and introduces them to famous figures in history, literature, art and science. The open beta is free for children to play.

Once players are on The Jacabee Code website, a personalized avatar is created for them based on their answers to a series of questions. Then, the adventure begins. They travel back in time with their new pals Abby, Dooley and Baldy the Bald Eagle, where mystery-filled quests that require problem solving and reasoning await.

Each mystery they solve unlocks special trophies, clues, artifacts and maps, bringing them one step closer to cracking the code. Along the way, their avatar’s journey is stored in their own “personal storybook” which can be purchased and published into a physicalpersonalized journal and mailed to players at the completion of their game. In beta children will collect glyphs that form a secret language. Soon they will be able to communicate with other members of the Jacabee Code community using the secret language.

Jacabee Code™ Screen Shot The technology behind The Jacabee Code virtual world provides a unique experience for kids, while at the same time gives the creators the flexibility to respond to ever-changing business needs. This site is a state-of-the-art client side implementation of Flash technology communicating with backend J2EE-based server architecture.

Though the beta version of the website uses cuttingedge technology, The Jacabee Code series itself has historical roots. It was inspired by the legacy of F. Luis Mora, Jacabee co-creator Maribeth Nickell’s greatgrandfather.

Mora was a famous American artist and world traveler (known in the series as Jacabee). During Mora’s lifetime, his work was widely exhibited, and he painted many important public pieces including the portrait of President Warren G. Harding which is on permanent display in the White House.

In addition to the beta version of their website, Jacabee is also launching a 12-book series starting in 2009, and a television series based on the adventure is also in the works.

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About Jacabee, Inc.
Jacabee, Inc., founded in 2006 by Maribeth Nickell and Jaclyn Cannon, is a company dedicated to a portfolio of learning products for children. They are committed to producing wholesome, highquality, entertainment for children that parents can trust. They strongly believe that their enthusiasm for encouraging children to play games that require learning and sharing, yet still having fun, create adventure and display competitiveness for children to explore. For more information about Jacabee, Inc., visit