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Fantage Unleashes Greatest Online Game and Social Networking Site for Kids 7 to 14 Years Old


Millions of Children Already Play, Make Friends, and Prepare to Join in World’s Biggest, Safest Online Halloween Trick or Treat and Costume Party

PALISADES PARK, N.J. --(Business Wire)-- Oct 19, 2009 Fantage, Inc. today announced the official launch of -- the greatest online virtual world for kids 7 to 14 years old. More than three million children are already enthusiastically engaged in Fantage’s broad range of age-appropriate fun. Fantage games and adventures spark a child’s unlimited curiosity and love of new challenges, and keep kids connected and interacting with their peers in a safe social network where they also learn practical, positive life lessons. The founders of Fantage -- all with young children of their own -- have rooted their game and adventure designs in the thousands of hours they have spent watching and understanding how children play.

“We think there is strong growth opportunity for companies that can provide online virtual world offerings for children,” said David Cole, founder and president of DFC Intelligence. "The challenge is being able to combine play with aspects of social networking in a way that offers activities and games that capture the imagination of young children and also meet the demands of parents for the highest standards of safety and online behavior.”

Playing Fantage

To begin their exciting Fantage experience, players create a girl or boy character that fits their personality – their “avatar” for navigating the Fantage virtual world. While playing the wonderful Fantage games, adventures and “special missions,” players earn stars they can later use to shop for all kinds of cool things – costumes, rocketboards, clothes, moodies, digital stickers and more to express themselves or to give away as gifts to others on Fantage.

One of the most popular Fantage games is “Top Model Fashion Show”. This fashion show game goes far beyond the traditional online game, allowing players to unleash their “inner fashionista” by choosing items from their wardrobe and accessories for a competition with other players for the ultimate title of “International Super Model”. This imaginative game encourages interaction between each player and the “DJ” as well as between individual players. “Top Model Fashion Show” goes far beyond the concept of “player versus computer,” and combines social interaction with a broad range of creative elements to achieve a truly unique social play experience.

Halloween at Fantage

Fantage is already famous among its users for throwing special events and parties, and constantly introducing great celebrations, games and events for holidays and special occasions. From October 26th through November 1st, Fantage will host the biggest, safest online Halloween Trick or Treat and Costume Party ever. Every one of the millions of the kids visiting Fantage during this exciting time will receive a free, one-time special item, and will have the chance to choose from a selection of amazing, lavish Halloween costumes. They’ll be able to trick or treat with their friends all through the Fantage world transformed for Halloween with fun spider webs, new Halloween characters, special effects and much, much more.

“We are so grateful that millions of children have come to love Fantage and made it their place to meet and play with new and old friends,” said David Hwang, Fantage’s co-founder and CEO. “We will continue to create great new, exciting games and adventures for them – and we know they’ll love the upcoming Halloween party – not to mention Thanksgiving and Christmas!”

Online Safety

Even more important to the Fantage founders than great online fun is online safety. They have invested an extraordinary amount of thought, time and development to create a fun, engaging site where all visitors are safe, regardless of age or technical ability. The company has developed a highly sophisticated, three-tier system (“No Chat,” “Safe Chat,” and “Filtered Chat,”) that provides the greatest level of protection of any community site for children on the Web. Fantage has combined several new technologies and protocols to ensure that Fantage is the safest site on the Internet. In addition, Fantage maintains strict compliance with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and is working with the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), and with CARU, the Children’s Advertising Review Unit.

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About Fantage
Founded in 2007, Fantage is a next-generation destination site for children. Fantage games and adventures entertain and delight children, and promote positive social interaction in an engaging, exciting, safe environment that both kids and parents love. Fantage also provides an age-appropriate, safe social networking experience within a fun virtual world. The company is completely dedicated to the safety of Fantage members, and has developed a highly sophisticated, three-tier safety system providing the greatest level of protection of any community site for children on the Web. For more information about Fantage, please visit