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What is Anime?

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The term anime - sometimes called Japanimation - refers to the tradition of Japanese animation that is recognized by its artistic quality and the artistic conventions anime artists use. One example of this is the use of child-like, large eyes.

In it's most basic form anime is simply an animated feature produced in Japan

Anime stories often deal with complex, thought-provoking themes, with complex characters that change as the stories progress. There is an acceptance of the reality of death unlike North American cartooning. In some anime, even those intended for kids, main characters sometimes die.

Anime originates in Japan which lets us learn about another culture. The stories are often based from Japanese and Asian mythology and symbolism and from the Japanese traditions of Shinto, the martial arts, and Zen.

Is Anime for Kids?
Some anime are designed just for kids, like Pokemon and Sailor Moon. Some anime can be enjoyed by the entire family. Other anime including many of the series originally broadcast on Japanese television, contain material that some parents will find objectionable. Some anime is explicitly designed for adult audiences only and shouldn't be shared with children. This Parents Guide to Anime from the Anime Cafe is an excellent resource and rates each anime cartoon and show.

Anime comes from Japanese culture. Cultural differences and traditions are unique around the world therefore some anime may not be suitable to the cultures and traditions you are use to in your country. Parents should review all anime before deciding whether you should see it.

Learn about Anime
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